Publication Wierdlaw Dance Sheets 399

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Short name
Published by
Iain Boyd

Notes supplied by Adrian Conrad:

Sheet 1 - The Key to the Door - copyright dates were 1967 for the music, 1966 for the dance.

Sheet 2 - The Fiery Cross - copyright date was 1967 for dance (no music included).

Sheet 3 - The Young Man's Dream - copyright date was 1969 for both dance and music.

Sheet 4 - Glendarroch - carried no copyright statement and no date, but as it was devised in Hugh Foss's memory, it must be later than Hugh Foss's death in 1971 and before 1976 - I suggest 1973. My own copy has pasted-on correction slips which replace earlier text saying that this was originally intended to be published,with the permission of Hugh's widow Alison Foss, as Glendarroch Sheet No. 50 - continuing Hugh's set of sheets 1-49. Evidently there was a change of plan and this dance then became Iain Boyd's own Wierdlaw Sheet No. 4. A different dance (Bill Hamilton's Fine Fettle) eventually became Glendarroch Sheet 50 when published in 1976 by Bob and Mamie Donald as Hugh Foss (Formby) after their taking over Hugh's mail-order business from Alison Foss.