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Person Iain Boyd 44

Wellington, New Zealand
Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances
  • Publisher of dance descriptions

An article by Iain on his early days and dance devising can be found in The Reel #313.

All Kinds Of Everything Iain Boyd 1987
Cairdin' O't, The Iain Boyd 1990
Crowded Hall, The Iain Boyd 2019
Happy to Meet Iain Boyd 1977
Katherine's Book Iain Boyd 1970
Kilmarnock Album, The Iain Boyd 1991
Lord of the Rings Collection, The Iain Boyd 1992
May I have the Pleasure? Iain Boyd 2017
Southern Cross Album, The Iain Boyd 1967
South Gate, The Iain Boyd 1991
Strathclyde Album, The Iain Boyd 0000
Strathtay Album, The Iain Boyd 1969
Tokyo Set, The Iain Boyd 2010
Vive La Danse! Iain Boyd 2018
When Auld Friends Meet Iain Boyd 1988
Wierdlaw Dance Sheets Iain Boyd 1973
World Around The Corner, The Iain Boyd 1994
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