Publication Whetherly Book 24 (Dances 17th, 18th, 19th Century) 474

In the original book the dances are printed in close spacing; more than one dance can start on a page, and dances can be broken across pages. In this SCDDB record, the dances are numbered in succession, and not by page number.

The dance Mrs Booth's Minuet appears twice in this publication, once as 'Drapers Maggot' (page 6) and once as 'Mrs Booth's Minuet' (page 54).

The title of the SCDDB entry reflects the contents of the book, but as reported in issue 1930 the title on paper just reads "The Whetherly Book of Scottish Country Dances Number 24".

An updated version of this book is in preparation (2020). This will have a number of corrections as listed in issue 2184.