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Ena Smith's Reel Ena Smith's Reel Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent R32 8 5/8 Ena Smith's Reel/Old Highland Air/Rattlin' Bog/This is no' my Ain Lassie/Maggie Lauder/The Lass o' Gowrie/Brown Haired Maiden/The Barren Rocks of Aden
Firth of Forth Firth of Forth D McKerron / P Clark / A Evans R128 3/2 The Hopeful Lover/Maggie Lauder
From Scotia's Shores we're Noo Awa' From Scotia's Shores we're Noo Awa' The Thistle Band S32 8 3/5 From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'/Lord Blantyre/Maggie Lauder/Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Glentromie
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 1/3
Maggie Lauder/The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell/The Thistle
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen S32 8 1/4
Maggie Lauder/Largo Law/Mrs Gregory/Sir James G Baird, Bart.
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder Marian Anderson and her Band S32 8 1/4
Maggie Lauder/Bonny Bridge/Keabog/John Monro Sturrock
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder Tim Wright and his Scottish Dance Band S32 3 1/2 Maggie Lauder/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder Colin Finlayson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 1/3 Maggie Lauder/Crowhillock/Blin' Jamie
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 5/7
Mairi's Wedding/The Uist Tramping Song/Johnnie Lad/The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie/Maggie Lauder/Willie's gaen tae Melville Castle/He's aye a kissin' me
Maxwell's Rant Maxwell's Rant Rob Gordon and his Band R32 8 2/2 The Lass o' Gowrie/Maggie Lauder
Maxwell's Rant Maxwell's Rant Jimmy Shand and his Band R32 8 3/3 Maxwell's Rant/The Lass o' Gowrie/Maggie Lauder
Royal Salute, The The Royal Salute Jimmy Shand and his Band R112 3/3 The Visit/Duncan Gray/Maggie Lauder
Shooglie, The The Shooglie Scottish Measure R32 8 5/8
Hey Johnnie Lad/The Barnyards of Delgaty/The Thistle of Scotland/The Bluebells of Scotland/Maggie Lauder/The Tartan/The Reel of Tullochgorum/The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie
White Cockade, The The White Cockade Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 8 6/8
The White Cockade/Bonnie Mally Lee/Willie's gaen tae Melville Castle/Duncan Gray/There was a Lad/Maggie Lauder/Hey, Johnnie Cope/Kate Dalrymple
Maggie Lauder Maggie Lauder S322/4L Thomas (19C) Wilson
Marian's Fancy Marian's Fancy S323/4L Kent W Smith
Phyllis's Fancy Phyllis's Fancy S322/4L Barry Priddey
Tribe of Galen, The The Tribe of Galen S323/4L John Drewry