Tune The Bonnie Breist Knots 148

Also known as “The Bonnie Briest Knot”.

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Bonnie Breist Knots, The The Bonnie Breist Knots Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent S32 8 1/4
The Bonnie Breist Knots/Ben Lomond/Stewart's Lassie/Miss Muir MacKenzie
Bonnie Briest Knot, The The Bonnie Briest Knot (as »The Bonnie Briest Knot«) Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith h 1/2
The Bonnie Breist Knots/What's A' the Steer, Kimmer
Glasgow Highlanders, The The Glasgow Highlanders Charlie Jemmett and His Band S32 8 2/4 The Glasgow Highlanders/The Bonnie Breist Knots/The Sherwood Rangers/John Macfadyen of Melfort
Border Reiver's Bride, The The Border Reiver's Bride M644S John M Duthie
Grandpa's Wife Grandpa's Wife S323/4L Ferne Katzberg
Bonnie Breist Knots, The The Bonnie Breist Knots S323/4L Unknown
Prairie Lily Strathspey, The The Prairie Lily Strathspey S323/4L Ferne Katzberg
Tmanyi Gamb Tmanyi Gamb M324/4L John W Mitchell
Tribute to Alexander III, A A Tribute to Alexander III S323/4L Marie Boehmer
Welcome Home Welcome Home S323/4L Lawrie Bowlen
Trilliums and Roses Trilliums and Roses S323/4L Gene A MacKinnon