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Barmaid, The The Barmaid Dewhurst, Chris, Julie & Nick R32 8 1/4
The Barmaid/The Sally Gardens/Swallow's Tail/The Scholar
Bean Shea Fancy Bean Shea Fancy Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band R48 5 2/4
The Sally Gardens/The Barmaid/The Mason's Apron/Willafjord
Cadgers in the Canongate Cadgers in the Canongate Andrew Rankine and his Band R48 8 2/7 John McNeil's Reel/The Barmaid/The Reconciliation/Bonnie Kate/The High Road to Linton/Sandy Duff/Tail Toddle
Dashing White Sergeant Dashing White Sergeant Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band R32 5 3/5 The Dashing White Sergeant/The Flowers of Edinburgh/The Barmaid/Pottinger's Reel/Bonnie Banchory
Dinkie's Dinkie's Sound Company R32 8 2/4
Dinkie's Reel/The Barmaid/Morag's Reel/The Moving Cloud
Glasgow Country Dance Glasgow Country Dance Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band M32 8 4/8
Miss Milligan/Clydeside Lassies/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/The Barmaid/Duncan Davidson/Pottinger's Reel/Lady Ann Hope/Bonnie Banchory
Hedwig's Reel Hedwig's Reel Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/4
The Barmaid/The Sligo Reel/John Brennan/Julia McMahon
Hedwig's Reel Hedwig's Reel Rutherford, Maureen & Copland, Neil R32 2 1/2 The Barmaid/Calum Donaldson
Irish Reels Irish Reels Sandy Legget & the Carseloch Band R32 8 3/4 The Scholar/The Teetotaller/The Barmaid/Swallow's Tail
Minard Castle Minard Castle John Ellis and his Highland Country Band R40 4 3/3 The Grinder's Hornpipe/Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs/The Barmaid
Reels Reels Simon Howie and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 2/4 Millbrae/The Barmaid/Dunaskin Glen/John Pottinger's Compliments to Ronnie Cooper
Reels 8x32 Bars Reels 8x32 Bars Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band R32 8 2/4 The Sally Gardens/The Barmaid/The Mason's Apron/Willafjord
Sailor (Encore), The The Sailor (Encore) Frank Reid and his Band R32 4 1/2 The Barmaid/The Moving Cloud
Speed the Plough Speed the Plough Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 10 6/9 Speed the Plough/Fraser McGlynn Junior/Iain Peterson/Hotchkiss Hotchpotch/George Aitchison/The Barmaid/Red Wine Reel/Dan Lees Caman/Frank and Maureen Robb
Tocher Band, The The Tocher Band Bobby Crowe & Muriel Johnstone R32 8 4/4
Champagne Bubbles/Morpeth Rant/The Cambridge Hornpipe/The Barmaid
Two Inch Race, The The Two Inch Race James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band R32 5 2/5
Blair Athole/The Barmaid/James Grant Thomson/Mrs Norman McKeigan/John Murray of Lochee
Whisky Association Reel, The The Whisky Association Reel Muriel A Johnstone R32 8 4/4
The Whisky Association Reel/The Downfield Reel/Merryn's Reel/The Barmaid
Hedwig's Reel Hedwig's Reel R323/4L Stella Phillips
Barmaid, The The Barmaid R323/4L Bill Forbes
Barmaid, The The Barmaid R484/4L John W Mitchell
Commodore, The The Commodore R324/4L Barry Skelton
McLeod Reel McLeod Reel R323/4L Winnipeg Childrens Class