Tune The Pomander Jig 2691

Also known as “Polmander Jig”.

Composed by
Ian Cameron
Published in

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Blethering Beth Blethering Beth Graeme Munro and his Band J32 8 5/7
Governor's House/Miss Moira Sinclair/Irish Girl/Baker's Wood/The Pomander Jig/Peter Rae's Jig/The Athlone Jig
Hamilton House Hamilton House Jim Lindsay and his Band J32 10 4/8 Colonel Hamilton's Delight/Dave Wilson - The Balmullo Blacksmith/Stonefield/The Pomander Jig/The Heron/Glenborradale Jig/Da Sooth End/Duncan Campbell of Oban
Happy Feet Happy Feet Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/4
Reverend James Stewart/The Pomander Jig/Bobby Brown's Jig/The Canty Auld Man
Happy Meeting Happy Meeting (as »Polmander Jig«) The Ian Muir Sound J32 8 2/3
Greenholm/The Pomander Jig/Coldside Jig
It's All Right It's All Right Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
Mrs McGhie's Reel/The MacLeod's of Mishnish/The Pomander Jig/Coldside Jig
It's Just for Fun It's Just for Fun Ian Anderson's Scottish Country Dance Band J32 8 3/4 Quickstep/The Quarryman/The Pomander Jig/Denis, Don't be Threatening
Jennifer's Jig Jennifer's Jig Sound Company J32 8 4/4
Jennifer's Jig/Donegal Jig/The Quarryman/The Pomander Jig
Jig 4x32 Jig 4x32 Ian Slater J32 4 2/4 Miss Fiona Jane Forrest/The Pomander Jig/Woodhaven Pier/Jim Anderson's Delight
Let the Hackles Rise Let the Hackles Rise The Deirdre Adamson Quartet J48 4 3/4 Let the Hackles Rise/Archie McHarg/The Pomander Jig/Murdo Morrison of Borve
Luckenbooth Brooch, The The Luckenbooth Brooch Ian McCallum and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 The Weaver and His Wife/The Pomander Jig/Humberston Jig/Duncan Campbell of Oban
Miss Bennet's Jig Miss Bennet's Jig Craig McCallum's Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4 Miss Betty Hunter/Granny Wade's Jig/The Pomander Jig/Jig for Jed
Rachel in Maryland Rachel in Maryland Jim Lindsay and Muriel Johnstone J32 4 3/3
Rachel Wilton's Delight/Hamish McIntosh/The Pomander Jig
Rothesay Country Dance Rothesay Country Dance Sandy Legget & the Carseloch Band J48 8 2/8
Dumfries House/The Pomander Jig/Elizabeth Adair/Princess Margaret's Jig/Coldside Jig/The Corner House Jig/Joe Foster's Jig/Miss Stewart of Bombay
Sandy Nixon's Jig Sandy Nixon's Jig Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/4 Sandy Nixon's Jig/The Pomander Jig/Elaine's Jig/Jig for Janice
Set of Jigs, A A Set of Jigs Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4
Jig for Jed/The Pomander Jig/Throopmuir Croft/Gordon's Jig
Suffolk Lanes Suffolk Lanes Ian R Muir J48 4 3/4 John's Folly/The MacLeod's of Mishnish/The Pomander Jig/Jim McAllister's Jig
Tammie Norie Jig Tammie Norie Jig Lothian Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/3
Tammie Norie Jig/The Pomander Jig/Rock Valley Jig
Teviot Brig Teviot Brig Bill Douglas and his Scottish Dance Band J32 6 3/3 Teviot Brig/I Lo'e nae a Laddie but Ane/The Pomander Jig
Wandering Wallaby, The The Wandering Wallaby Scott Band and his Scottish Country Dance Band J32 4 4/4
Ian and Judith Muir/Gordon's Jig/Throopmuir Croft/The Pomander Jig
Wild Geese, The The Wild Geese Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4/4 Mrs MacPherson of Cluny/Dave Wilson - The Balmullo Blacksmith/Stonefield/The Pomander Jig
Young at Heart Young at Heart Marian Anderson and her Band J32 8 4/4 Bonnieviews O'Forse Caithness/Wullie Scott's/Miss Jenny Younger/The Pomander Jig
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune J486S Tom Hall