Tune The Athlone Jig 62

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The database previously attributed this tune to Angus Fitchet. However this was questioned by Chris Dewhurst who writes:

Regarding “The Athlone Jig”, I am pretty confident that the tune is not by Angus Fitchet, since it is not included in any of the 3 volumes of his music which were published by “The National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs”. According to the foreword in Volume 3 (written by Nicol McLaren) this is a complete anthology of Angus’s compositions. Of course, it is always possible that a lesser-known tune might have been missed, but this seems unlikely, since “The Athlone Jig” has been recorded by many well-known bands.

I have not yet come across “The Athlone Jig” in a publication, but the same tune, in a longer form, and with some small melodic differences, was published in “The Francis Roche Collection of Traditional Irish Music, Volume 3, 1927, Page 44, Tune 140” under the name “The Bridge of Athlone”, so whilst both the tune and the name have been shortened, it would seem reasonable to assume that “The Athlone Jig” is ‘Traditional’.

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