Tune Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie 2806

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Baldovan Strathspey, The The Baldovan Strathspey Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 2/3 Baldovan Strathspey/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Mrs Mary McManus
Brisk Young Lad, The The Brisk Young Lad Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band J48 5 4/5
The Corner House Jig/Colonel Ridley's Quickstep/Jeannie's Blue Een/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/The Weaver
Caller Herrin' Caller Herrin' The Scotsmen R40 4 3/3 Caller Herrin'/The Summer Road/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie
Culloden's Fancy Culloden's Fancy Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band R16 8 3/4
Culloden's Fancy/Miss Thompson's Reel/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Mrs Coutts Trotter's Favourite
Express, The The Express George B Stirrat J40 8 3/4 The Express/Hot Punch/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/The Bugle Horn
Hooper's Jig Hooper's Jig The Atholl Players J32 8 3/3
Peter's Peerie Boat/Balcomie House/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie
Isle, The The Isle David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4
Bonnie Dundee/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Janet Donaldson/A Visit to Ireland
Mairi's Wedding Mairi's Wedding Auld Reekie R40 8 3/4 Mairi's Wedding/The Meeting of the Waters/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Miss Murray of Lintrose
Warm-Up March Warm-Up March Jim Lindsay and his Band X16 9 1/3 Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Roses o' Prince Charlie/Cam Ye By Atholl
Caller Herrin' Caller Herrin' R403/4L Hugh Foss
Here's to the Ladies Here's to the Ladies R323/4L Martin Sprague
Wha Widna Fecht Wha Widna Fecht J323+3RR John W Mitchell
Bodhran Drum, The The Bodhran Drum R324/4L Ruary Laidlaw
Heather on the Hill, The The Heather on the Hill S485/5L John W Mitchell
Flora Macdonald's Strathspey Flora Macdonald's Strathspey S324/4L Arthur Williamson
Carole Menzies' Reel Carole Menzies' Reel R324/4L Lewis N Derrick
Jacobite Sword Dance, The The Jacobite Sword Dance h1041c Unknown Strathspey steps