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See also Orange and Blue for a strathspey version of this tune.

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Blue Bonnets Blue Bonnets Scottish Weekend Ensemble J32 8 3/3
Blue Bonnets/Paddy's Leather Breeches/Hot Punch
Cumberland Reel Cumberland Reel Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
Cumberland Reel/The Steamboat Quickstep/Hot Punch/The Cock o' the North
Duke of Atholl's Reel, The The Duke of Atholl's Reel Bobby MacLeod and his Band J32 6 2/3 Duke of Atholl/Hot Punch/There Cam' a Young Man
Duke of Atholl's Reel, The The Duke of Atholl's Reel Bill Clement J32 8 3/3
The Athole Highlanders/Lady Dorothea Stewart-Murray's Wedding March/Hot Punch
Dumfries House Dumfries House Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 2/4 Dumfries House/Hot Punch/Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow/Miss Stewart of Bombay
Dundee Reel Dundee Reel Ed Brydie and his Band J32 8 4/4 The Dundee Reel/Charlie Hunter/Anne Fraser MacKenzie/Hot Punch
Express, The The Express George B Stirrat J40 8 2/4 The Express/Hot Punch/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/The Bugle Horn
Hamilton House Hamilton House Johnny MacLeod's Scottish Country Dance Band J32 4/4 Colonel Hamilton's Delight/The Lads O'Dunse/The Hills of Glenorchy/Hot Punch
Hamilton House Hamilton House Blue Bonnets J32 8 2/3 Colonel Hamilton's Delight/Hot Punch/Aithernie Lodge
Hot Punch Hot Punch Andrew Rankine and his Band J32 4 1/3 Hot Punch/Jim Anderson's Delight/Tam's Hunting Horn
Hot Toddy Hot Toddy Lothian Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/4 Hot Punch/The Maid on the Green/The Cobbler/Lady Nellie Wemyss
Hot Toddy, A A Hot Toddy Hugh Ferguson and the Dalriada Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/5
Hot Punch/John Bain's Sister's Wedding/Brian Borouhme/Maidens/Let the Hackles Rise
Isle, The The Isle Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent J32 8 5/7
Bonnie Dundee/Midlothian Pipe Band/Hill 212/MacDonald's Awa Tae the Wars/Hot Punch/The Hundred Pipers/Harvest Home
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig Joe MacDiarmid's Jig The Ron Gonnella Quartet J32 8 3/4
Joe MacDiarmid's Jig/The Academy/Hot Punch/The Steamboat Quickstep
Lamb Skinnet Lamb Skinnet Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4 Lamb Skinnet/The Bugle Horn/Jimmy's Jig/Hot Punch
Lamb Skinnet Lamb Skinnet Bill Clement J32 8 3/3 Lamb Skinnet/The New Rigged Ship/Hot Punch
Last of the Lairds, The The Last of the Lairds Fraser McGlynn and his Scottish Dance Band J32 5 2/3 The Stool of Repentance/Hot Punch/Wee Todd
Miss Hilary Ann Miss Hilary Ann David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band J40 8 3/4
The Lemonville Jig/Isabel Rattray Hall/Hot Punch/Iz and Nick's Wedding Day
Oregon Rant, The The Oregon Rant The Deirdre Adamson Quartet M128 3/4 Orange and Blue/The Keel Row/Hot Punch/The Athlone Jig
Plum Tree JIg Plum Tree JIg David Hall and his Scottish Dance Band J32 5 3/5
Canadian Jig/Isabel Rattray Hall/Hot Punch/The Murray River Jig/The Lemonville Jig
Red Rum Red Rum Nicol McLaren and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/4
Hot Punch/The Alexandria Reel/Ewan MacPhail's Two Step/The Bannetstane
Hot Toddy, A A Hot Toddy J323/4L William Adams
Hot Punch Hot Punch J323/4L John Drewry
Kate and Dod Kate and Dod J322/4L Alistair Duncan
Red Rum Red Rum J323/4L Stephen Brown
Shire of Air, The The Shire of Air J322/4L J (18C) Young
Geordie's Jubilee Jig Geordie's Jubilee Jig J323/4L George Mechan
Hot Punch Hot Punch J324/4L John W Mitchell
Kildonan Jig Kildonan Jig J483/4L Cliff Quinnell
Lassies Of Lossiemouth Lassies Of Lossiemouth J323/4L Sam Firth
Oregon Rant, The The Oregon Rant M1284S John Drewry
Westbroke Westbroke J323/4L Carol Smith
Celtic Band, The The Celtic Band J323/4L Gene A MacKinnon rec music: Hot Toddy by Lothian Band
Fine Fettle Fine Fettle J483/4L Bill Hamilton