Tune Trip to Windsor 3215

Composed by
Dan R MacDonald

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5x48 Reel 5x48 Reel Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith R48 5 1/5
Trip to Windsor/Sleepy Maggie/Skye Barbecue/The Flogging Reel/Frank's Reel
Architect, The The Architect Green Ginger R32 8 5/7 Tamlin/Tom McKerron's Reel/Boy Fae Da Bid/The Banshee/Trip to Windsor/Bulgarian Reel/The Bancroft Crofters
Bridgwater Geordie, The The Bridgwater Geordie Scottish Measure R32 4 3/4
Deb the Leg/Shilling Hill/Trip to Windsor/Farquhar Mathieson
Committee Meeting, The The Committee Meeting Lothian Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4
The Sally Gardens/Trip to Windsor/The Balmedie Lasses/Captain Peterson of Melby
Lauderdale Lads or Corn Rigs Lauderdale Lads or Corn Rigs Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band R32 8 2/4 Corn Rigs/Trip to Windsor/The Pearl Wedding/Shirley's Reel
Montgomeries' Rant, The The Montgomeries' Rant Reel of Seven R32 8 4/4
Lady Montgomerie/The Wizard's Walk/Hulls/Trip to Windsor
Reel Medley Reel Medley Cape Breton Symphony R 1/3 Trip to Windsor/Mrs Norman MacKeigan/Devil's Delight
Set of Reels Set of Reels W James A Gray R32 8 3/4
Dick Gossip/The Islay Ranters' Reel/Trip to Windsor/Skye Barbecue
Silver Fern Reel, The The Silver Fern Reel Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 7/7
The New Brig o' Ayr/The Bonny Boy/The Young Rabbit/Tony Reid of Balnakilly/John Taylor of San Jose/Blue Mull Soond/Trip to Windsor
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R32 8 3/4 Brumley Brae/The Sally Gardens/Trip to Windsor/The Hesleyside Reel
Erlangen Reel, The The Erlangen Reel R323/4L Duncan Brown
Black Archie's Reel Black Archie's Reel R323/4L Gene A MacKinnon