Tune Kohler's Hornpipe 3672

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Black Mountain Reel, The The Black Mountain Reel Mara Shea & Dave Wiesler R32 5 3/4
The Trumpet Hornpipe/Aldridge's Hornpipe/Kohler's Hornpipe/Coutt's Concert Hornpipe
Burns' Hornpipe Burns' Hornpipe Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith R32 4 2/4
Glasgow Hornpipe/Kohler's Hornpipe/Richer's Hornpipe/Back of the Haggard
Flowers of Edinburgh Flowers of Edinburgh Terpsichore R32 8 3/4 The Flowers of Edinburgh/Loch Torridon/Kohler's Hornpipe/Y Lili
Fox In the Wood Fox In the Wood D B Grosjean & A Imbrie R32 8 2/4
Cunning Red Fox Hornpipe/Kohler's Hornpipe/Earl of Dalkeith/The Red Lion
Inimitable Derek, The The Inimitable Derek Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt R32 8 3/3
The Woody Woodpecker/Mrs Forbes Leith/Kohler's Hornpipe
Ms Katy B. Ms Katy B. W James A Gray R32 4 4/4
Al, Katy and Kipling/Lime Street/Face me up/Kohler's Hornpipe
Don't Stop Now Don't Stop Now R403/4L Ann Skipper & Neil Stewart McLeod