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Arran Chase Arran Chase Frank Reid and his Band R32 8 3/4 Ian's Fancy/The Deveron Reel/Loch Torridon/Snouts and Ears of America
Bannercross Bannercross Ceol na h-Alba M64 4 4/8
Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Hunters Hill/Finnan Haddies/Loch Torridon/The Iron Man/Chinese Breakdown/Sir George Clark of Pennycuik/Drumleys
Bratach Bana Bratach Bana The Commonwealth Ceilidh Band R32 8 2/4
Bratach Bana/Loch Torridon/The Barnyards of Delgaty/Miss Laura Andrew
Carse of Stirling Carse of Stirling The Glendaruel Scottish Dance Band R32 6 1/3 Loch Torridon/The Kettledrum/Bill Sutherland
Dancing on Water Dancing on Water Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
The Isle of Skye/Lucky Scaup/Loch Torridon/Ellenbrook
Dashing White Sergeant Dashing White Sergeant Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 8 7/8 The Dashing White Sergeant/My Love She's but a Lassie Yet/The Girl I Left Behind Me/Waverley Steps/Dr Robertson/William Ritchie Esq./Loch Torridon/Wrigley's Reel
Dashing White Sergeant, The The Dashing White Sergeant Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band R32 6/6 The Dashing White Sergeant/The Down Express/The Lass o' Gowrie/Aiken Drum/Market Chorus/Loch Torridon
Eric's Reel Eric's Reel Graeme Munro and his Band R32 8 4/7
Eric's Reel/The Down Express/The Dean Brae/Loch Torridon/Thurso Wedding/The Queen's Bridge/Market Chorus
Flowers of Edinburgh Flowers of Edinburgh Terpsichore R32 8 2/4 The Flowers of Edinburgh/Loch Torridon/Kohler's Hornpipe/Y Lili
Frae A' the Airts Frae A' the Airts Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band M32 8 8/8
The Countess of Cassilis Strathspey/Galway Hornpipe/Master Graham Kindness/Greenwoodside/Miss Ann Rutherford/Polly Stewart/John Stephen of Chance Inn/Loch Torridon
Loch Torridon Loch Torridon Lothian Scottish Dance Band R32 8 1/4 Loch Torridon/The New High Level/Hunters Hill/Lugging the Box
Lord MacLay's Reel Lord MacLay's Reel Ewan Galloway R32 4 2/3 Lord MacLay's Reel/Loch Torridon/Balmullo House
Monday Welcome Monday Welcome Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Betty Arrol's Reel/Ellenbrook/Loch Torridon/Ray's Classic
Mr & Mrs Munro Mr & Mrs Munro Barbara Manning & Ken Martlew R32 8 1/4
Loch Torridon/I Love a Lassie/The Uist Tramping Song/Wedding March
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band R48 5 3/4
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Polwart on the Green/Loch Torridon/Hunters Hill
Polka Country Dance Polka Country Dance Alastair Wood and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Tiddlediwinks Polka/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/Loch Torridon/Lay Dee at Dee
President's Quadrille, The The President's Quadrille Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band M128 1 3/5
Snouts and Ears of America/The Falls o' Dochart/Loch Torridon/GSP/Snouts and Ears of America
Red House Red House Colin Finlayson and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 2/4
Red House/Loch Torridon/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/Dawn Express
Red House Red House Suzanne Gray and her Scottish Dance Band R40 4 3/4 Red House/Forbes Raeburn Of Huntly/Loch Torridon/Andrew Rankine's Compliments to Lindsay Ross
Red House Red House David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 4/4
Red House/Carol the Pointer/The Deveron Reel/Loch Torridon
Rickety Rickety Sound Company R48 4 4/4
Rickety/The New High Level/The Deveron Reel/Loch Torridon
Trip to Applecross, A A Trip to Applecross Scott Band and his Scottish Country Dance Band R32 6 3/5
Audrey and Edward Bell of Midway/The Deveron Reel/Loch Torridon/Snouts and Ears/Thurso Wedding
Unicef Circle, The The Unicef Circle The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R88 1 2/2
Hunters Hill/Loch Torridon
Unicef Circle, The The Unicef Circle Muriel Johnstone's Band R88 2/2
Hunters Hill/Loch Torridon
Whistlin' In the Kitchen Whistlin' In the Kitchen Frank Reid and his Band R32 8 2/4 Jim Barrie/Loch Torridon/Snouts and Ears of America/Bill Powrie
President's Quadrille, The The President's Quadrille R1284S Alan Macpherson
Loch Torridon Loch Torridon R323/4L Barry Priddey
Quicken Bough, The The Quicken Bough R322RR Barry Priddey
Unicef Circle, The The Unicef Circle R884S Roy Goldring
Thrang Wynd, The The Thrang Wynd R324/4L Andrew 'Andy' Mills
Brodie's Fancy Brodie's Fancy R323/4L Ian Brockbank
Wedding Celebration Wedding Celebration R323/4L Stephen Webb