Tune Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland 607

Composed by
Ronald Cooper
Published in

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Knit the Pocky Knit the Pocky Nancy Dickson R32 8 3/6
Knit the Pocky/Miss Johnstone/Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Da Tushker/Miss Susan Cooper/The Cockle Gatherer
Lady Sophia Lindsay Lady Sophia Lindsay The Deirdre Adamson Quartet R32 4 3/4
The Wattle O't/Bonnie Isle O Whalsay/Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Da Auld Stoer's Back Agen
Reel Reel John Crawford with the Gleneden Scottish Band R32 6 2/3 The Marquis of Tullibardine/Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Da Tushker
Reels Reels Da Fustra R32 5 3/3 Willafjord/The Peerie Hoose/Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland
Shetland Reels Shetland Reels Ian Powrie and his Band R32 4 1/3 Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Willafjord/Leveneep Head
Shetland Reel Set Shetland Reel Set The Music Makars R32 8 1/8
Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Willafjord/Jack is Yet Alive/Deil Stick Da Minister/Sleep Soond I'da Moarnin'/Tame Her When Da Snaw Comes/Bush Below Da Gairden/Bonnie Isle O Whalsay
Shinkansen (The Bullet Train) Shinkansen (The Bullet Train) Lothian Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
Shinkansen/The Left Handed Fiddler/Da Mirrie Boys O Greenland/Hjerdafeld
Indian Peter's Reel Indian Peter's Reel R323/4L John Bowie Dickson
Tops and Bottoms Tops and Bottoms R324/4L Jeanetta McColl
Merry Boys of Greenland Merry Boys of Greenland R324/4L John W Mitchell
Lamp Of Lothian, The The Lamp Of Lothian R323/4L Jean Henderson