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Anselm Lingnau

It's time once more to crack down on spam-type user accounts on the my.strathspey system, which are annoying and seem to outnumber the real accounts.

From looking at the database, it seems that most if not all of these unwanted accounts either have both their first and last names set to the username of the account (which in real life would be weird) or else have no first and last names set at all. In theory we require first and last names, so any account that doesn't have any at all is technically breaking the rules of the game.

What I'm going to do a week from now is delete all accounts that fit this description where the user in question hasn't logged in for six months. If you want to make sure your account isn't inadvertently deleted, you should:

  1. Ensure that it has a first and last name associated with it (it would sure be nice if it was your actual first and last name but if you call yourself “Hamish McGonigle” nobody is going to be the wiser), and/or

  2. Log into your account. You can log right out again but we want to know that you're there.

Accounts that have dance lists, ratings, or collections in the dance database will also be exempt.

After these suspect accounts have been removed, all remaining accounts that have no first and last name associated with them will have their first name set to “Anonymous” and their last name to “Dancer”. The users in question will of course be free to set them to something else in their profile (except the empty string or any name consisting of all spaces).

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 18 January 2018 1:15 (last edited on 18 January 2018 1:16)

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