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Anselm Lingnau

The database now features the diagrams from Angus Henry's The MacNab Dances in Diagrams, as published by the RSCDS. These are magnificent works of art that help a lot with understanding these often tricky and unusual dances. Thank you to Angus for allowing us to include them here, to Keith Rose for organising the TIFF-to-SVG conversion, and to Stephen Webb for instigating the project.

The diagrams appear under the “Cribs/Diagrams” tabs on the detail pages of the dances in question (search for “MacNab” to find the books and take it from there). If you don't see the diagrams, check the diagram source preference in your database profile; you may have to enable the “The MacNab Dances in Diagrams (Angus Henry)” diagram source there for the diagrams to show up.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 22 March 2021 22:44

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