Album Coast to Coast with Scotch Mist 1074

Short name
Coast to Coast
Recorded by
Scotch Mist (2014)
  • CD: SMP001 (2014)
1 Brenda's Jig Scotch Mist J32 42:27 36.8 Jig Away/The Farmer's Barn Dance/Cathy Hayes/The Rusty Nail
2 New Year Wedding Scotch Mist S32 33:19 66.3 New Year Wedding/Fields of Torridon/A Frosty Morn
3 Promise of Spring Scotch Mist R32 84:43 35.4 Rab the Ranter/Greenwoodside/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/Da Sockit Light
4 The Snow Eater Scotch Mist J32 84:47 35.9 Young Francis Mooney/Grandfather's Pet/The Eavesdropper/Billy Barlow
5 Lilibet's Strathspey Scotch Mist S32 44:18 64.5 Lilibet's Strathspey/Portsmouth/John Roy Lyall/Mary Hamilton of Auchincruive
6 The Reel of the Pinehurst Eight Scotch Mist R32 42:24 36.0 The Duffers' Reel/72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen/The Man at the Loom/Bill Sutherland
7 A Trip to Crinan Scotch Mist J32 84:46 35.8 The Jimmy Harris Jig/Jig for Judi/Liberty Bell/Mistress Anne Jamieson
8 Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Scotch Mist S32 88:35 64.4 J. F. MacKenzie of Garrynahine, Stornoway/Miss Ada Crawford/Tigh'n Duin/Laird Brown's Strathspey
9 The Quinte Gathering Scotch Mist H32 84:45 35.6 Tribute to Bill Wood/The New High Level/Roxburgh Castle/Kirk's Hornpipe
10 Itchy Feet Scotch Mist J32 84:49 36.1 The Clachan/Young Meg/The Berwickshire Volunteers/Mrs Grace Bowie
11 Phoenix Rising Scotch Mist S32 44:22 65.5 Frances Carol Brown/The Countess of Eglinton's Strathspey
12 George Watson of Tipperlinn Scotch Mist J32 84:44 35.5 The Book of Rights/Darby the Driver/The One-Legged Man/A Visit to Ireland
13 Father to Son Scotch Mist R32 84:47 35.9 The Lass O'Patties Mill/Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Mount Stewart House/Goodnight and Joy be With You/Johnnie Cope/Glenbuchat Lodge/Scotch on the Rocks/The Hoi Song
14 Lament Scotch Mist -3:22 0 Lament for Bobby Brown
15 Waltz Scotch Mist W2:16 0 Lost In the Mist of Time