Album Craigellachie in Oxford 148

Short name
Craig in Oxford
Recorded by
The Craigellachie Band (1992)
  • MC: CB40X1 (1992)
1 Togetherness The Craigellachie Band R32 84:36 34.5
Stack of Cards/Blackhall/The Deanes of Winchester/The Button Boy
2 Rigmarie The Craigellachie Band J32 42:24 36.0
Ian Muir's Compliments to Muriel Johnstone/Strawberries Galore/Hamilton's Drums/The Jig of the Blacks
3 The Middleton Medley The Craigellachie Band M32 86:33 49.1
Tarholm Brig/Craighall/Mackenzie Hay/The Dandy Dancer/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey/Bonnie Cluden Mill/Auld Luckie/The Maid on the Green
4 Caberfei The Craigellachie Band R32 84:38 34.8
Caberfeidh/The Cross of Inverness/Inver Lasses/The Earl of Seaforth's Reel/The High Road to Linton/The Little Cascade
5 Fiddle Solo The Craigellachie Band L5:06 0
Niel Gow's Lamentation for Sir James Moray of Abercairney/Tarland Memories/The Grizzly Bear/The Bride's Reel
6 Oh Whistle and I'll Come Tae Ye, My Lad The Craigellachie Band J32 84:36 34.5
Borowlaski's Fancy/Harvest Time/The Family Pride/The Weaver and His Wife
7 Diamond Celebration The Craigellachie Band J32 84:34 34.2
Dancing Dido/Mr Morison of Bognie/Heather Hills/Miss Macpherson Grant's Jig
8 Ayer's Rock The Craigellachie Band S32 44:21 65.2
Sheila's Strathspey/Colonel Byng's Favourite/Margaret William's Strathspey/The Perthshire Volunteers
9 The Mairrit Man's Favourite The Craigellachie Band R32 84:34 34.2
The Apple Tree/Bantry Lassies/More Power to your Elbow O'Reilly/Miss Jane of Violetbank
10 The Dancing Master The Craigellachie Band J96 31:46 11.8
The Dancingmaster/A Visit to Ireland
11 The Blue Mess Jacket The Craigellachie Band S32 44:15 63.8
Squadron Leader Douglas Henderson/Dorrator Bridge/Major Thomas of Cairnleith/The Lass o' Corrie Mill
12 Earlstoun Loch The Craigellachie Band R32 52:54 34.8
Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff/Jim Tweedie's Sea Legs/Billy Thom's Reel
13 The Dennis Tucker Two-Step The Craigellachie Band -2:16 0
Dennis Tucker Two Step