Tune The Cross of Inverness 347

Composed by
Captain Simon Fraser
Published in

Capt. Fraser's authorship of this tune isn't quite certain.

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Caberfei Caberfei The Craigellachie Band R32 8 2/6
Caberfeidh/The Cross of Inverness/Inver Lasses/The Earl of Seaforth's Reel/The High Road to Linton/The Little Cascade
Caberfei Caberfei The Scotsmen R32 4 3/3 Caberfeidh/Lord Lovat's Lament/The Cross of Inverness
Caberfei Caberfei Hanneke Cassel & Dave Wiesler R32 8 4/4
Caberfeidh/Fermoy Lasses/Pretty Peggy/The Cross of Inverness
Grand Set Grand Set Susie Petrov et al. L 5/12 Adagio Cantabile/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Mr Lumsden of Auchindores/Jean's Reel/The Cross of Inverness/Earl of Hyndford's Reel/Roslin Castle/Miss Marianne Oliphant of Rossie/Lady Susan Stewart's Reel/Cuttyman and Treladle/Pretty Peg/Road to Tarskavaig
Horsbrough Set Horsbrough Set Petrov, Susie with The Gentlemen M288 1 4/4
Horsbrough/Rob Roy MacGregor/Lady Helen Wedderburn/The Cross of Inverness
Mary Isdale's Highland Schottische Mary Isdale's Highland Schottische Bluebell SCD Trio M64 3 2/6 Agnes Maguire/The Cross of Inverness/What's A' the Steer, Kimmer/The Ale is Dear/Kafoozalum/Lady Charlotte Campbell (reel)
Miller's Maid, The The Miller's Maid Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent R32 4 4/4 The Miller's Maid/Cahirmee Fair/Lady Mary Stopford/The Cross of Inverness
Rendezvous, The The Rendezvous Fiddlesticks & Ivory R32 8 3/4
The Rendezvous/The Bride's Reel/The Cross of Inverness/Miss Shepherd
Triumph, The The Triumph Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R24 4 2/3
Triumph/The Cross of Inverness/Dancing the Baby
Twenty-First of September Twenty-First of September Alastair Wood and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 1/4
The Cross of Inverness/The Back of the Change House/Wee Bit Cogie/The Peat Bog
Twenty-First of September Twenty-First of September Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band R40 8 1/4
The Cross of Inverness/Mrs Janet Ellis/Bobby Colgan's Delight/Morag's Reel
Caberfei Caberfei R323/4L Unknown
Twenty-first of September Twenty-first of September R403/4L William (18C) Campbell
Cross at Inverness Cross at Inverness R323/4L John W Mitchell
Hadrian's Wall Hadrian's Wall R403/4L Derek Haynes
Merry Medley, The The Merry Medley M644/4L Unknown
Mary Isdale's Highland Schottische Mary Isdale's Highland Schottische M644C Mary Shoolbraid Brandon