Album After the Chord 2

Short name
After Chord
Recorded by
The Craigellachie Band
  • CD: CD6
  • MC: CB6
10 The Reverend John Macfarlane The Craigellachie Band R32 42:19 34.8
Quickstep/The Bitter Lemon Reel/Randall's Reel/Iain MacPhail's Compliments to the Late Gordon Jamieson
3 Set of Strathspeys The Craigellachie Band S32 33:11 63.7
Cathkin Braes/Miss Agnes Watt/Doon the Burn, Davie Lad
12 Tobermory Two-Step The Craigellachie Band -162:19 0
The Tobermory Two-Step
1 Quarries' Jig The Craigellachie Band J32 84:33 34.1
Mrs Muir McKenzie's Favourite/Theme from Haydn/Jig for Jed/Baker's Wood
5 John McAlpin The Craigellachie Band S32 88:38 64.8
John McAlpine/The Miller o' Hirn/The Waters of Feugh/South of the Grampians/Lady Mary Ramsay/The Glenlivet/James McInnes, Esq
7 The Reel of the Royal Scots The Craigellachie Band R32 84:36 34.5
The Reel of the Royal Scots/Dolina Mackay/The Clucking Hen/The Blackbird
8 The Luckenbooth Brooch The Craigellachie Band J32 84:33 34.1
The Weaver and His Wife/John Finlayson's Jig/Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton/Barbara Saunders of Dollar
9 Drumelzier The Craigellachie Band S32 44:15 63.8
Drumelzier/Miss Ann Rutherford/The Inchgarth Strathspey/Miss Diane Milne
11 Schiehallion The Craigellachie Band M1283:12 48.0
The 501st Tactical Missile Wing/The Clumsy Lover
13 Gay Gordons The Craigellachie Band X162:32 0
Caberfeidh/Iain MacPhail's Compliments to Chrissie Leatham
14 MacLeod's Fancy The Craigellachie Band J32 42:21 35.2
Captain William MacLeod's Fancy/Tam's Hunting Horn/Miss Diane Cunningham/John D. Wallace
6 Major Ian Stewart The Craigellachie Band J32 84:32 34.0
The Scottish Horse/Barbara's Jig/Rory MacLeod/The Jig of Slurs
4 Set of Reels The Craigellachie Band R32 42:16 34.0
Mrs Mary Printy/Miss C. M. Barbour/Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite
2 Set of Reels The Craigellachie Band R32 84:33 34.1
The Reel of Tullochgorum/The Hills of Hampstead/Chinese Dance/Pam Finlayson's Reel