Tune The Miller o' Hirn 1118

Composed by
James Scott Skinner
Published in

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12 Coates Crescent 12 Coates Crescent Ramshaw, L / Bentley, S W / Bentley, M / Innes, G S32 8 2/4 The Glendale Strathspey/The Miller o' Hirn/Milladen/Gatherin' o' the Gunns
4x16 strathspey/16 reel medley 4x16 strathspey/16 reel medley Bobby Murray M32 4 1/4
The Miller o' Hirn/Jock Wilson's Ball/Cropie's Strathspey/Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad
Baldovan Square, The The Baldovan Square Lothian Scottish Dance Band S96 2/2 The Laird o' Thrums/The Miller o' Hirn
Bonnie Stronshiray Bonnie Stronshiray David South and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4 Littlejohn's Hame/Dr Keith/Mr Thomas Forbes/The Miller o' Hirn
Braes of Balquhidder Braes of Balquhidder Fred Moyes S32 8 5/7 Mr Oswald (of Auchencruive)/Lord Lyndoch/The Duke of Gordon/Prince Albert's Strathspey/The Miller o' Hirn/Bonnie Bridge/Blin' Jamie
Bridge of Nairn Bridge of Nairn Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 3/4
The Old Man will Never Die/Lady Ann Hope/The Miller o' Hirn/The Glenlivet
Camp of Pleasure, The The Camp of Pleasure Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4
Charles Leslie of Findassie's Strathspey/Mackenzie Hay/Tulchan Lodge/The Miller o' Hirn
Countess of Crawford's Reel, The The Countess of Crawford's Reel Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band S40 8 2/7
Lady Elizabeth Lindsay/The Miller o' Hirn/Tanwick Ha'/Ian Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet/Miss Wemyss of Dundee/Miss Blyth Brewster/Salute to Betty Pow
Fiddle Solo Fiddle Solo Rob Gordon and his Band L 2/3 The Siege of Delhi/The Miller o' Hirn/The Breakdown
Gold and Silver Strathspey, The The Gold and Silver Strathspey The Ian Muir Sound S32 8 5/7
Helen MacKinnon Frame/Mrs Moray of Abercairney/Castle Spynie/Niel Gow/The Miller o' Hirn/Stirling Castle/Mr Murray
Golden Wedding Strathspey, The The Golden Wedding Strathspey Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band S40 4 2/4
Sundrum Castle/The Miller o' Hirn/Bonny Bridge/Blin' Jamie
Haughs o' Cromdale Haughs o' Cromdale Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band S16 8 4/4 Haughs o' Cromdale/Ruthven House/Tulchan Lodge/The Miller o' Hirn
John McAlpin John McAlpin The Craigellachie Band S32 8 2/7
John McAlpine/The Miller o' Hirn/The Waters of Feugh/South of the Grampians/Lady Mary Ramsay/The Glenlivet/James McInnes, Esq
Ladies of Banffshire, The The Ladies of Banffshire Ewan Galloway and Shona MacFadyan S32 3 2/2 The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell/The Miller o' Hirn
Linnea's Strathspey Linnea's Strathspey StringFire! S32 8 2/4
Earl Grey/The Miller o' Hirn/The Miller of Drone/The Brig o' Potarch
Lochiel's Rant Lochiel's Rant Stan Hamilton and his Flying Scotsmen S32 8 1/3
The Miller o' Hirn/Graham's Rant/Invercauld
Lord Elgin's Reel Lord Elgin's Reel Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 2/7
Lee Mills/The Miller o' Hirn/The Duke of Edinburgh/Doon the Burn, Davie Lad/The Iron Man/Cutty's Wedding/Lord Lyndoch
Millerton Brig Millerton Brig Muriel A Johnstone S32 8 4/4
Willie Miller/Marchioness of Huntly/Mrs Macintosh of Raigmore/The Miller o' Hirn
Moorgate Ramble Moorgate Ramble Robert Whitehead & the Danelaw Band S32 4 4/4 High Peak/Auld Reekie/Gloomie Winter/The Miller o' Hirn
Quiet and Snug Quiet and Snug Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band S32 8 7/8
Alex. McGlashan's Farewell/Miss Ann Rutherford/The Lass o' Corrie Mill/Miss Diane Milne/Miss Blyth Brewster/Miss Christina Ireland/The Miller o' Hirn/Mackworth
Rose of the North, The The Rose of the North Bobby Crowe & Muriel Johnstone S32 8 4/4
Doreen Goldring/The Miller o' Dervil/The Iron Man/The Miller o' Hirn
Schiehallion Schiehallion Jim MacLeod and his Band M128 2/4 Manchester Caledonians/The Miller o' Hirn/Angus Campbell/The Bride's Reel
Strathspey & Reel 3x32+3x32 Strathspey & Reel 3x32+3x32 The Macadians M192 1 1/6 The Miller o' Hirn/The Laird o' Drumblair/The Kirrie Kebbuck/Magician/Graham's Black Bottle/Robert Forsyth Crowe
Strathspey & Reel (suitable for Schiehallion) Strathspey & Reel (suitable for Schiehallion) Ian Robertson & Rob Alderton M128 1 2/4 Tulchan Lodge/The Miller o' Hirn/Donny The Post/The Barrowburn Reel
Strathspeys 3x40 Strathspeys 3x40 The Macadians S40 3 1/3 The Miller o' Hirn/The Laird o' Drumblair/The Kirrie Kebbuck
Strathspeys 5x32 Strathspeys 5x32 The Macadians S32 5 1/3 The Miller o' Hirn/The Laird o' Drumblair/The Kirrie Kebbuck
Strathspeys 6x48 Strathspeys 6x48 The Macadians S48 6 1/3 The Miller o' Hirn/The Laird o' Drumblair/The Kirrie Kebbuck
Strathspeys (Trad) Strathspeys (Trad) Muriel A Johnstone S32 6 2/3 The Iron Man/The Miller o' Hirn/Earl Grey
Suitable for Balmoral Strathspey, Dundee Whaler, Suitable for Balmoral Strathspey, Dundee Whaler, The Danelaw Country Dance Band S32 4 2/4 Gloomie Winter/The Miller o' Hirn/The Auld Brig o'Ayr/Mrs Garden of Troup
Black Angus Black Angus S323/3L Angus Boyd
Miller o' Hirn, The The Miller o' Hirn S324/4L John Drewry
Twisted Wizard of Binghamton, The The Twisted Wizard of Binghamton S404/4L Rod Downey
Wizard of Binghamton, The The Wizard of Binghamton S404/4L Rod Downey
Apprentice, The The Apprentice S404/4L Rod Downey
Lynda's Reel Lynda's Reel S323/3L John Robertson
Strathwhillan Strathwhillan R404S Moira Stacey
Be True to Yourself Be True to Yourself S403/3L Murrough Landon