Album Special Requests Volume 1 22

Short name
Sp.Requests 1
Recorded by
The Colin Dewar Trio (1996)
  • CD: SRCD001 (1996)
  • MC: SRC001 (1996)
2 Bratach Bana The Colin Dewar Trio R32 84:45 35.6
Bratach Bana/The Lass o' Gowrie/The Green Dykes/The Bitter Lemon Reel
3 Butterscotch And Honey The Colin Dewar Trio S32 44:07 61.8
McGinty's Meal and Ale/Castles in the Air/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/The Gallant Weaver
5 Cherrybank Gardens The Colin Dewar Trio S32 33:07 62.3
Calluna/Sister Thomson's Strathspey/Heather Dewar's Strathspey
11 Johnnie Walker The Colin Dewar Trio M1283:13 48.2 Derek Lawrence's Farewell to Scotland/Craws of Currie
6 The Milltimber Jig The Colin Dewar Trio J32 84:35 34.4
The Milltimber Jig/Agnes Laing's Fancy/Johnnie Walker/Cape Breton Welcomes the Auld Fiddler
8 The Moffat Weavers The Colin Dewar Trio J32 42:23 35.8
The Moffat Ram/G B Bell's Fancy/Miss Rae of Eskgrove/Ronnie Hunter
4 Scotland's Gardens The Colin Dewar Trio R32 84:43 35.4
Joe Murphy's Reel/Gordon the Goalie/Allan Peter Nixon/Gordon's 'Reel' Aviation Fuel
10 Seton's Ceilidh Band The Colin Dewar Trio J64 44:32 34.0
Seton's Ceilidh Band/The Jimmy Harris Jig/My Dungannon Sweetheart/Donald Iain Rankine
7 Shiftin' Bobbins The Colin Dewar Trio R32 84:42 35.2 Shiftin' Bobbins/Elegant Esther Gray/John Donald of Coullie/Miss Elizabeth Purcell's Favourite
12 The Solway Reel The Colin Dewar Trio R48 43:34 35.7
Donald Ridley's Compliments to Oliver Waugh/The Scholar/The General Election/Devil's Delight
9 St. Columba's Strathspey The Colin Dewar Trio S32 55:14 62.8
Challenger Lodge/The Rowan Tree/Mary Hamilton of Auchincruive/The Boatie Rows/John Roy Lyall
1 The Tattie Bogle The Colin Dewar Trio J32 84:38 34.8
So I'm off with the Good St Nicholas Boat/Canadian Jig/Ewan MacPhail's Two Step/Jig for Judi