Album Eighteen of the Best 244

Short name
18 Best
Recorded by
Various Artists (1989)
  • CD: BBC CD 762 (1989)
1 Marches Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band X3:45 0 Tom McHale's March/Highland Laddie/Whistle O'er the Lave O't
2 Bonnie Lass Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band R32 52:57 35.4 Mr John Stewart/O'er Bogie tae my Love/The Oyster Wives' Rant/Geordie Affleck
3 6/8 Marches - Eva Three Step John Ellis and his Highland Country Band X162:22 0 The Atholl Highlanders' March to Taymouth/The Mull Emigrant's Farewell
4 Modern Gaelic Waltz Fraser McGlynn Trio W3:31 0 Hebridean Sunset/Leaving Lismore/The Isle of Iona
5 Reels Simon Howie and his Scottish Dance Band R2:18 0 John McNeil's Reel/Peter Davidson's Reel/Captain Peterson of Melby/Spootiskerry
6 Strip the Willow (6/8) Jennifer Forrest and her Band J4:12 0 Willie Tait/Wee Murdie/Kenny Gillies of Portnalong, Skye/The Irish Washerwoman
7 Strathspey Charlie Kirkpatrick and his Scottish Dance Band S4:00 0 Willie Cook/The Clachan/Craigendoran/Charlie Hunter
8 Red House Suzanne Gray and her Scottish Dance Band R40 43:01 36.2 Red House/Forbes Raeburn Of Huntly/Loch Torridon/Andrew Rankine's Compliments to Lindsay Ross
9 Jig Jim Johnstone and his Band J32 63:18 33.0 Come Under My Plaidie/Major Mackie/The Jig of Slurs/Troy's Wedding
10 Dashing White Sargeant Graeme Mitchell and his Scottish Dance Band R32 63:20 33.3 The Dashing White Sergeant/The Rakes of Mallow/Randall's Reel
11 The Baron's Piper Jimmy Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band ?4:27 0 Baron's Heir/The Piper of Dundee
12 Canadian Barn Dance Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band X163:25 0 Mrs Elizabeth Beaton/Roderick B. MacDiarmid
13 Speed the Plough Fiddlers Three Plus Two R32 42:17 34.2 Speed the Plough/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Willie Davie/The Cameronian Rant
14 Old Tyme Waltz George Carmichael and his Scottish Dance Band W3:27 0 The Loch Tay Boat Song/Heiland Lassie/Dreaming of Home
15 Campbell's Frolic Bill Black and his Scottish Dance Band J32 42:19 34.8 Campbell's Frolic/Jim Kennedy's Jig/Kinpurnie Hill/Ian MacKintosh of Pine House
16 Roxborough Castle Colin Finlayson and his Scottish Dance Band R32 84:32 34.0 Roxburgh Castle/Soldier's Joy/The Storrers Hornpipe/Kirk's Hornpipe
17 Gay Gordons Allan MacIntosh and his Scottish Dance Band X163:35 0 Captain Carswell/Caberfeidh
18 Reel Craig McCallum's Scottish Dance Band R32 63:16 32.7 The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland/McKenna's Reel/The Cameronian Rant/The Bunch of Currants