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Buchan Tensome Reel, The The Buchan Tensome Reel Muriel Johnstone's Band R40 4 4/4 Timour the Tartar/Geordie MacLeish/Mordington House/Jenny Dang the Weaver
Eightsome Reel, The The Eightsome Reel Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R464 1 3/5
Deil Amangst the Tailors/Sleepy Maggie/Jenny Dang the Weaver/The High Road to Linton/The Black Bear
Foursome Reel, The The Foursome Reel Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band M128 5/5 Aspen Bank/The Duke of Edinburgh/McPhedran's Strathspey/Foot it Neatly/Jenny Dang the Weaver
General Stuart's Reel General Stuart's Reel L Ramshaw / S W Bentley / M Bentley R32 8 2/4
The Stuart's Rant/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Colonel Rodney/Jane's Reel
Jenny Dang the Weaver Jenny Dang the Weaver Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 1/3 Jenny Dang the Weaver/Dunse Dings A'/The American
Jenny Dang the Weaver Jenny Dang the Weaver Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent R32 8 1/4
Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jack Lattin/Little Bag of Potatoes/Strachur
John of Bon Accord John of Bon Accord Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R32 8 4/4 John of Bon Accord/Marian Anderson's Reel/John Huband's Reel/Jenny Dang the Weaver
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel Lady Susan Stewart's Reel Alasdair Fraser & Muriel Johnstone R32 8 3/5
Lady Susan Stewart's Reel/The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome To Shetland/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Sandy McIntyre's Trip to Boston/Am Muilean Dubh
Medley Medley Jimmy Shand and his Band M144 3/3 Balkan Hills/The Auld Brig o'Ayr/Jenny Dang the Weaver
Meg Merrilees Meg Merrilees Ian Holmes and his Scottish Dance Band with Ian Powrie R24 8 4/4
Meg Merrilees/The Old Bog Hole/Silver Spear/Jenny Dang the Weaver
Mrs MacPherson of Inveran Mrs MacPherson of Inveran Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith R32 8 4/4
Mrs Macpherson of Inveran/Miss Maria Dundas/Brodag Aig McCornish/Jenny Dang the Weaver
On the Wings of a Skorie On the Wings of a Skorie StringFire! R32 8 2/4
On the Wings of a Skorie/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jennie Hardie's Reel/Lochiel's awa' to France
Reels (with pauses between turns) Reels (with pauses between turns) Muriel A Johnstone R32 3 3/3 The Kilt is my Delight/The Mason's Apron/Jenny Dang the Weaver
Speed the Plough Speed the Plough Fiddlers Three Plus Two R32 4 2/4 Speed the Plough/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Willie Davie/The Cameronian Rant
Jenny dang the Weaver Jenny dang the Weaver R322/4L Jno Johnson (18C)