Album On Track 324

Short name
On Track
Recorded by
Sound Company (1998)
  • CD: SC05 (1998)
1 A Jig to Start Sound Company J32 84:23 32.9
Duncan Campbell of Oban/The Jig Runrig/Inspector Donald Campbell, Ness/Calliope House
2 Rickety Sound Company R48 43:20 33.3
Rickety/The New High Level/The Deveron Reel/Loch Torridon
3 Strathspey Sound Company S32 43:54 58.5
The Scottish Snap/Miss Betsy Robertson/Bonnie Lossie/Miss Fiona Mitchell
4 Songs Without Words Sound Company J32 42:11 32.8
Down in the Coalmine/Walking with my Sheep/High Barbaree/The Oak and the Ash
5 Continental Capers Sound Company R32 42:18 34.5
Polka fra Laeso/Ebba Polka
6 Highland Cathedral Sound Company L3:53 0
Highland Cathedral/Cutty's Wedding/Ridhle mo Nighean Donn
7 O'Neill's 48's Sound Company J48 43:21 33.5
Katie's Fancy/The Kinnegad Slashers/The Rakes of Clonmel/The Luck Penny
8 Over the Pond 1 Sound Company R32 84:26 33.2
Ross's Reel/Pointe au Pic/Quigley's Reel/Rosebud Reel
9 Strathspey Sound Company S32 32:56 58.7
Lord Seaforth/Mackenzie Hay/The Thistle
10 Scottish Jigs Sound Company J40 42:46 33.2
Miss Rough of Longbank/Princess Margaret's Jig/Coldside Jig/Granny Wade's Jig
11 Take Five Sound Company R32 52:49 33.8
Prince Charlie/Lochiel's Rant/Balquhidder Lasses/Miss Barbara Ogilvie/Salute to Miss Jean Milligan
12 Irish Air Sound Company -2:48 0
Kitty Tyrrell
13 Over the Pond 2 Sound Company J32 84:22 32.8
Sandra's Jig/Andy/Tea Gardens/Rock Valley Jig
14 Dinkie's Sound Company R32 84:28 33.5
Dinkie's Reel/The Barmaid/Morag's Reel/The Moving Cloud
15 Medley Sound Company M1283:05 46.2
The Perthshire Volunteers/Dorrator Bridge/Kenny Gillies of Portnalong, Skye
16 Final Fling Sound Company R32 84:33 34.1
The Corner House/The High Reel/The Plough and the Stars/The Silver Spire