Album Live and Well 390

Short name
Live & Well
Recorded by
The Music Makars (2001)
  • CD: EWO-003 (2001)
1 Ye're Welcome, Charlie Stuart The Music Makars R32 42:26 36.5
Flora MacDonald's Reel/Elizabeth's White Coat/Nighean bhuidhe bhoidheach/Ye're Welcome, Charly Stuart
2 La Flora The Music Makars J32 84:52 36.5
Miss Jane Douglas/Miss Rose's Fancy/Mary Murphy/Larry Grogan
3 Sauchie Haugh The Music Makars S32 88:15 61.9
Lord Eglinton's Auld Man/Mrs Menzies of Culdare's Strathspey/Mr Robertson of Lude/Mrs MacKenzie of Applecross
4 Reel for Andersons Rant The Music Makars R32 84:46 35.8
Da Heids o' Vigon/My Wife's a Drunkard/The Piper's Glass/Da Hielandman/The King's Reel
5 Ellie's Jig The Music Makars J32 84:50 36.2
Ellie's Jig/Irish Hearts to the Ladies/Tracey MacKenzie's Two-Step/The Maid on the Green
6 Mary Hamilton The Music Makars S32 44:26 66.5
Mary Hamilton of Auchincruive/Davin MacKenzie Applebee/Divertimento
7 Davy Nick Nack The Music Makars R32 84:43 35.4
Davy Nick Nack/Life Boat/Ohio/Valley of the Dry Bones
8 Collichur The Music Makars J32 84:50 36.2
Lochleven Side/I ha'e laid a Herring in Salt/Inspector Donald Campbell, Ness/Jamie Rae
9 J.B. Milne The Music Makars R32 84:39 34.9
J.B. Milne/Cajun Fiddlin' on the Bayou/Southern Melody/Foxey Donna
10 Sugar Candie The Music Makars S32 88:17 62.1
The Earl of Angus and Arran/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Lady Catherine Pelham's/Mrs Blair (of Blair)
11 De'il Amang the Tailors The Music Makars R32 42:22 35.5
Mississippi Sawyer/No Corn on Tygart/Patsy MacDonald's Reel/Deil Amang the Tailors
12 Waltz The Music Makars W0:00 0
My Home/Galley of Lorne/Mull of the Cool High Bens