Tune Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey 2577

Also known as “Miss Campbell of Saddell”.

Composed by
Robert Mackintosh
Published in

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Alex T. Queen Alex T. Queen Scottish Measure R48 4 3/4
Alex T. Queen/Ellenbrook/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Miss C. M. Barbour
Bonnie Kitty Bonnie Kitty The Ron Gonnella Quartet R40 8 2/5 Archie Patterson/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Willie's gaen tae Melville Castle/Bonnie Mally Lee/Hebridean Wauking Song
Boundary Cottage Boundary Cottage Green Ginger S32 4 3/4 The House of New/The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff-mill/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Mrs J Bishop's Strathspey
Braveheart Braveheart Peter Elmes' Scottish Country Dance Band R32 4 3/3 The Black Dance/Polwart on the Green/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey
Dunfermline Glen Dunfermline Glen Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 6 1/4
Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/The Great Wood Corners/Earl of Fife/Miss Isabella McPherson Grant's Strathspey
Ellwyn's Fairy Glen Ellwyn's Fairy Glen Jim Dawson and his Scottish Country Dance Band R32 8 2/4 Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Tapping Toes/The Best o' Twa
Grand Set Grand Set Susie Petrov et al. L 2/12 Adagio Cantabile/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Mr Lumsden of Auchindores/Jean's Reel/The Cross of Inverness/Earl of Hyndford's Reel/Roslin Castle/Miss Marianne Oliphant of Rossie/Lady Susan Stewart's Reel/Cuttyman and Treladle/Pretty Peg/Road to Tarskavaig
Heatherbrae Heatherbrae Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band R88 2/3
Miss Thompson's Reel/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Hunters Hill
Jessie's Hornpipe Jessie's Hornpipe Jim Johnstone and his Band R32 4 4/4 The Ton/Drumleys/Goodnight and Joy be With You/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey
Ladies of Dunse, The The Ladies of Dunse Olympians Scottish Dance Band R40 8 8/8 The Duchess of Buccleuch/The March to the Battlefield/Bobby Watson/Welcome to Tyneside/Rattlin' Bog/The Reel of Tullochgorum/Mrs MacDouall Grant/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey
Mentor, The The Mentor Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band S96 1 1/3
Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/John Stephen of Chance Inn/The Duchess of Bedford's Strathspey
Mrs Nona Craig Mrs Nona Craig The Scotsmen R32 4 3/3 The Black Dance/Polwart on the Green/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky Alastair Wood and his Scottish Dance Band R48 8 4/4
Niel Gow's Farewell to Whisky/The Sligo Reel/Alasdair of the Dun/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey
Reels Reels The Strathmore Ceilidh Band R32 8 2/4 Miss Thomson's Reel/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/The Ton/Lady Mackenzie of Coull
Rest and be Thankful Rest and be Thankful Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4 Airlie Bobbies/Bill Sutherland/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Miss C. M. Barbour
Scotch Hop Scotch Hop Andrew Rankine and his Band R32 8 3/4 The Hopeful Lover/The Waulking Song/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/The Nut Brown Maiden
Sugar Candie Sugar Candie (as »Miss Campbell of Saddell«) Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith S32 8 2/4
The Earl of Angus and Arran/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Loch Ruthven
Sugar Candie Sugar Candie The Music Makars S32 8 2/4
The Earl of Angus and Arran/Miss Campbell of Saddell's Strathspey/Lady Catherine Pelham's/Mrs Blair (of Blair)
Beauty of the North, The The Beauty of the North S323/4L Iain Boyd
Dunfermline Glen Dunfermline Glen S322/4L Roy Goldring
Bracknell Canter, The The Bracknell Canter M1284/4L Bernard Rackley
Amethyst, The The Amethyst S323/4L Brian Charlton
Keppoch's Rant Keppoch's Rant S323/4L David Rutherford