Album Really Jiggin' 467

Short name
Recorded by
Ian Slater (2003)
  • CD: (2003)
1 Reel 8x40 Ian Slater R40 85:50 35.0 The Temperance Reel/Dunmore Lassies/Sleep Soond I'da Moarnin'
2 Jig 8x32 Ian Slater J324:41 0 The Hundred Pipers/Little Burn't Potato/Balcomie House
3 Strathspey 3x48, Reel 3x48 Ian Slater R1127:20 125.7 Because he was a Bonnie Lad/The Laird o' Drumblair/Coates Hall/Swallow's Tail/Stoney Point/The South Shore
4 Reel 5x32: (Blue Grass) Ian Slater R32 53:02 36.4 Turkey in the Straw/Salt River/Wagoner/Stoney Point/Old Joe Clark
5 Jig 3x40 Ian Slater J40 32:15 36.0 Lannagan's Ball/The Gobbie O/The New Tyne Bridge
6 Strathspey 8x32 Ian Slater S32 88:23 62.9 Miss Lyall (strathspey)/Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland/Red Plaid/Loch Rhuan
7 Reel 8x32 Ian Slater R32 84:40 35.0 Timour the Tartar/Soldier's Joy/Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/The Wind that Shakes the Barley
8 Jig 8x32 Ian Slater J32 31:49 36.3 Kenmure's on and awa'/Off She Goes/Colonel Hamilton's Delight
9 Strathspey - 80 Ian Slater S802:42 64.8 Màr o' Cheanaich/Marie's Wedding
10 Reel 4x40 Ian Slater R40 42:57 35.4 Red Haired Boy/The King of the Fairies
11 Jig 8x32 Ian Slater J32 84:41 35.1 Planxty Fanny Power/Banks of Lochiel/The Lough Gill/Da Full Rigged Ship
12 Strathspey 4x32 Ian Slater S32 44:15 63.8 The Boys of Blue Hill/Off to California/The Piper of Dundee
13 Hornpipe 8x32 Ian Slater R32 84:41 35.1 The Marquis of Lorne/Jacky Tar/Harvest Home/The High Level Hornpipe
14 Jig 4x32 Ian Slater J32 42:24 36.0 Shaalds o' Foula/The Matelot/Munster Buttermilk/Grahaemsie Jig
15 Strathspey 3x32 Ian Slater S32 33:13 64.3 MacPherson's Lament/Jock o' Hazeldean
16 Waltz 3x32 Ian Slater W32 33:02 60.7 Leaving Lismore/Sweet Helseyside/Da Starry Nights of Shetland
17 Reel 8x32 Ian Slater R32 84:41 35.1 The High Road to Linton/The Merry Blacksmith/Lord Macdonald's Reel/The Spey in Spate