Album The Odds 492

Short name
The Odds
Recorded by
Bobby Murray (2003)
  • CD: (2003)
1 4x48 reel Bobby Murray R48 43:35 35.8
Lady Charlotte Campbell (reel)/Pig Town/Lady Madeline Sinclair's Birthday
2 3x32 jig Bobby Murray J32 31:53 37.7
The Island of Mull/The Glasgow Gaelic Club/The Steamboat
3 48 bar strathspey/48 bar reel medley Bobby Murray M962:36 52.0
Roseacre/The Kilt is my Delight
4 2x48 reel Bobby Murray R48 21:54 38.0
Captain Carswell/The Desert March
5 88 bar jig Bobby Murray J881:45 38.2
Starin' Oot the Windae/He's o'er the hills that I lo'e dear
6 Waltz Country Dance Bobby Murray W4:09 0
The Green Hills of Islay/Filoro/Four Maries/Crossing to Jura/Kirkconnel Lea
7 160 bar set reel (or 5x32) Bobby Murray R32 53:01 36.2
Walker Street/Miss Monaghan/Sheehan's Reel/Olive Branch/Walter Street
10 80 bar reel Bobby Murray R801:36 38.4
The Fairy Dance
8 80 bar strathspey Bobby Murray S802:45 66.0
Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Captain Campbell/Major Graham of Inchbrakie
9 6x32 jig Bobby Murray J32 63:33 35.5
Garry Owen/Lannagan's Ball/To the Ladies/The Maid on the Green/Roaring Jelly
11 4x16 strathspey/16 reel medley Bobby Murray M32 43:25 51.2
The Miller o' Hirn/Jock Wilson's Ball/Cropie's Strathspey/Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad
12 120 bar set reel Bobby Murray R1200:00 0.0
Polka des Patronaux/Levantine's Barrel
13 6x16 strathspey Bobby Murray S16 63:16 65.3
Mackenzie Hay/New Strathspey/Johnny Gibb o' Cushetneuk
14 8x40 bar jig Bobby Murray J40 85:53 35.3
Oh! as I was kissed yestreen/The Drunken Parson/My Own Lass/The Stool of Repentance
15 32 bar strathspey/32 bar reel Bobby Murray M641:47 0
The Iron Man/Angus Campbell