Dance Ben Macdhui 471

See also: Ben Macdhui (5/5L, Sheffield: 140SCDs)

Jig · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Ronald Mackey (1990)
888 880 844 888 = 83% (1 turn), 62% (whole dance)
  • Skip-Change, Slip-Step
Recommended Music

Ben Macdhui 3/4L · J32

All cross RH and face R | chase clw into lines across, W above, M below ; All change places with P LH and face L | chase cclw to (1,2,3)
In »Galant Hold« 1c, +2c following, lead down, 1c crossing below 3c, 2c not crossing ; 1c cast up to 2plx and turn RH ¾ while{4} 2c casts up to 1pl
1M, 1W following, cast Rsh round 2W and cross to 2pl ; All C turn RH (2,1,3)
Circle6 and back.

Galant Hold: M (on the R) M puts L arm behind W who joins LH with him on her waist and RH in promhold; alternatively he may hold her waist LH, and she her skirt.

Ben Macdhui 3/4L · J32

1s+2s+3s cross RH & all chase clockwise to Ladies across top 1st pl & Men across in 3rd pl, all change places with prtnr LH & chase anticl'wise back to places
1s followed by 2s (in »Galant hold«) dance down below 3rd pl,1s cross, 2s remain on own side & 1s cast up to 2nd place opp sides & 3/4 turn RH remaining in middle facing up while 2s cast up to 1st place own sides
1M followed by 1L dance up and cast behind 2L (in 1st place) and into 2nd place own sides. All turn RH. 2 1 3
All circle 6H round & back

Galant Hold: Lady on Man's Left. Man gives partner right hand & puts his left hand behind her. She takes his left hand in hers on her waist. If the lady wishes (and if she trusts him) she may allow him to rest his hand on her waist while she holds her skirts in the approved manner.

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