Dance Queen's Bridge 5426

Reel · 40 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by
Wishart & Williamson (1960)
  • Reel of four (REEL;R4;)
  • Hands across - 4 - and back (HX;4P;BACK;)
  • Note: This list may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
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  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
  • Note: This list may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
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Extra info
According to the leaflet, the ...

According to the leaflet, the dance was devised by Mrs Anne Wishart and John Williamson and published by The Perth Branch of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society to commemorate the 1960 Annual General Meeting.

The Music in the leaflet was composed and arranged by Derek Auld.

Queen's Bridge 4/4L · R40

All dance reels of 4 on sides
All set (take hands on sides) & cross RH, all set & cross back RH
1s cross RH below 2s, cast to between 3s & 4s, cross LH & cast to 4th place own side (2s+3s+4s take hands bars 23-24 to step up)
2s+3s also 4s+1s dance RH across & LH back. 1s remain in middle facing up
1s dance up to top (2 bars), set, then cast to 4th place while 2s+3s+4s dance down on sidelines (2 steps), set, turn RH & dance up to places NHJ (2 steps) 2 3 4 1

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