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Dance Sodger Laddie 6178

Jig · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Walsh (18C) (1731)
888 888 800 800 = 66% (1 turn), 50% (whole dance)
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The notes to the revised edition of Book 12 say the RSCDS version is abbreviated to the first 32 bars …

The notes to the revised edition of Book 12 say the RSCDS version is abbreviated to the first 32 bars of the original in the 1731 “Caledonian Country Dances Book the Third” by John Walsh.

Sodger Laddie

Of “The Sodger Laddie” Robert Burns commented: “The first verse of this is old; the rest is by Ramsay. – The tune seems to be the same with a slow air, called ‘Jacky Hume’s Lament’ – or, ‘The Hollin Buss’ – or, ‘Ken ye what Meg o’ the Mill has gotten?’”

My Soger Laddie
  Is over the Sea,
And he will bring Gold
  And Money to me;
And when he comes hame,
  He’ll make me a Lady,
My Blessing gang with
  My Soger Laddie.

My doughty Laddie
  Is handsome and brave,
And can as a Soger
  And Lover behave;
True to his Country,
  To Love he is steady.
There’s few to compare
  With my Soger Laddie.

Shield him, ye Angels,
  Frae Death in Alarms,
Return him with Lawrels
  To my langing Arms.
Syne frae all my Care
  Ye’ll pleasantly free me,
When back to my Wishes
  My Soger ye gie me.

O soon may his Honours
  Bloom fair on his Brow,
As quickly they must,
  If he get his due:
For in noble Actions,
  His courage is ready,
Which makes me delight
  In my Soger Laddie.

William Stenhouse notes: “Both the words and music of this song appear in Thomson’s Orpheus Caledonius, 1725, from whence they were copied into the Museum. The tune must therefore have been known long before that period by the name of ‘My Soldier Laddie,’ which is the title prefixed to it in Thomson’s work.”

Sodger Laddie Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band Book 12. LP+ 9 J32 42:25 36.2
Sodger Laddie Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent Book 12. CD 9 J32 84:41 35.1
Sodger Laddie 3/4L · J32
1W+2c & 1M+3c Reel3 (Rsh to 1cnr person, 1M passes down in front of 1W to begin)
1W+3c & 1M+2c Reel3 (Lsh to 2cnr person), end in middle facing W side, 1M above 1W
1c lead out between 2W & 3W, cross and cast round them to meet in the middle ; 1c lead between 2M & 3M and cast round them, 1M dancing up the middle and 1W across (to 1,2,3)
1c dance BtoB ; cast off (2c up) | turn RH to (2,1,3)
Sodger Laddie 3/4L · J32
1s cross down to face 1st corners & dance reels of 3 across giving RSh to 1st corners
1s dance reels of 3 with other couples giving LSh to 2nd corners
1s lead out between 2L+3L, 1L casts up 1M down, meet & lead out between 2M+3M, 1L casts up to original place as 1M casts down & up to pl
1s dance DoSiDo, cast to 2nd places & turn RH

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