Tune Peter Sanderson's Strathspey 1456

Composed by
Andrew Rankine
Published in

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Amstel Court Amstel Court Lothian Scottish Dance Band S32 3 3/3
Amstel Court/Woodbridge Strathspey/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey
Moment Of Truth Moment Of Truth David Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 7/8
Miss Erskine of Torry/Scotch Mist/Niel Gow/John Robertson/The Duke of Edinburgh/Auld Luckie/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Alan Maxwell's Farewell to Balmerino
Pat George's Strathspey Pat George's Strathspey Marian Anderson and her Band S32 5 1/5
Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/F W McCondray/The Dean Strathspey/The Dingles' Eightsome Room/Kinlochmoidart
Red Rose of Dunoon, The The Red Rose of Dunoon Hugh Ferguson and the Dalriada Scottish Dance Band S32 4 1/3
Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Heart of Fire/White Heather
Rob Roy MacGregor Rob Roy MacGregor The Danelaw Country Dance Band S32 8 2/7 The Beauty of the North/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Miss Audrey Hinchcliffe's Strathspey/Morag Hutton's Strathspey/Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Miss Milligan/Mary and Maurice Cooper/Miss Irene Fidler's Strathspey
Sandy O'er The Lea Sandy O'er The Lea Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 6 3/3
Kincorth Brig/Miss Audrey Hinchcliffe's Strathspey/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey
Set for 4x32 Strathspey Set for 4x32 Strathspey Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 1/4
Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Ian MacLeish/The Dean Strathspey/Jim Brown of Kintillo
Twinkle in his Eye, A A Twinkle in his Eye Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 2/3
Nesfield View/Peter Sanderson's Strathspey/Evelyn's Strathspey
Red Rose Of Dunoon, The The Red Rose Of Dunoon S324/4L Jean Attwood
Blackness Castle Blackness Castle S324/4L Norma Macleod