Tune Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead 1575

Composed by
Ian Munro

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Diamond Jubilee, The The Diamond Jubilee The Ian Muir Sound J32 4 2/4
Captain Campbell (of Lochnell's) Reel/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/The Picheuchar Jig/The Little Burnt Potato
Hazel Tree, The The Hazel Tree Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/8
Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Duncan Campbell of Oban/Edmund Mackenzie of Plockton/The Family Pride/Miss Moira Sinclair/Warwick's Land/Mrs Joan Newby/Donald Iain Rankine
Hazel Tree, The The Hazel Tree Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/4
Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/The Belfast Almanac/Major Mackie/Wha'll be King but Charlie?
Highland Fair/Muirland Willie Highland Fair/Muirland Willie The Music Makars J32 8 3/4
Muirland Willie/The Day We Went to Rothesay, O/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/A Pint of Derby
Hunting Horn, The The Hunting Horn Ian T Muir J32 10 2/4 Tam's Hunting Horn/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/The Piteucher Jig/The Little Burnt Potato
Jig Jig David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J40 8 5/7
Harvest Time/The Top o' Ben Lomond/Jeannie's Blue E'en/Dalrymple Jig/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Da Sooth End/The Athlone Jig
Jubilee Jig Jubilee Jig Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
Miss Gordon of Liverpool/Stoneypath Tower/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Ian MacKintosh of Pine House
Lamb Skinnet Lamb Skinnet David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/7 Lamb Skinnet/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Da Sooth End/The Athlone Jig/Allan Harlan/McDougall's March/Rab's Wedding
Merry Oddfellows, The The Merry Oddfellows Muriel Johnstone's Band J32 8 2/4
Haddo House/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Humberston Jig/Jennie Slater
Miss Allie Anderson Miss Allie Anderson Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith J32 8 3/4
Coltbridge/Stoneypath Tower/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Mafsa Me
Swilcan, The The Swilcan John Ellis and his Highland Country Band J32 4 2/3 Gordon B. Cosh/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/The Nineteenth Hole
Tribute to the Borders Tribute to the Borders The Muriel Johnstone Trio J32 8 2/4
The Daggs of Craighouse/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/Strawberries Galore/Mrs Patricia Maxwell's Jig
Hazel Tree, The The Hazel Tree J323/4L John Drewry
Miss Kirsteen Blair Miss Kirsteen Blair J323/4L Jenny Bradley