Tune Alex Little MC 1861

Also known as “Alex Little M C”, “Alex Little M.C.”.

Composed by
Max Houliston

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About Time About Time Graeme Munro and his Band J32 8 4/7
John Renton's "Rolls"/Wee Corrie/Trip to Tobermory/Alex Little MC/The Family Pride/Anne Fraser MacKenzie/Christie MacLeod
Bell Ringer, The The Bell Ringer The Craigellachie Band J32 8 1/4
Alex Little MC/Rock Valley/Da Sooth End/Just a Jig
Crosshills Jig Crosshills Jig The Ian Muir Sound J32 4 4/4 Whitehill Jig/Throopmuir Croft/Anda Campbell's Frolic/Alex Little MC
Friskey, The The Friskey Olympians Scottish Dance Band J32 8 8/8 Humber Jumber/Belfast Ham/The Maid on the Green/Dan the Cobbler/The Little Burnt Potato/The Steamboat Quickstep/Madge Bayne/Alex Little MC
Hotel Elsbury Hotel Elsbury Ceol na h-Alba J32 8 4/4 The Dingle/Jim Anderson's Delight/Ould Ireland/Alex Little MC
Houliston's Jigs Houliston's Jigs James Coutts and his Scottish Dance Band J32 5 5/5 James Maxwell Robertson/The Inveresk Lassies/John D. Wallace/Bonnie Cluden Mill/Alex Little MC
Jig Jig Max Houliston and his Scottish Band J32 6 3/3 The Inveresk Lassies/John D. Wallace/Alex Little MC
Jigs Jigs Da Fustra J32 6 3/3 Mrs McPherson Of Clunie/Wee Murdie/Alex Little MC
Merlin's Thorn Merlin's Thorn Scottish Measure J32 8 8/8
The Hare Amang the Corn/Tenpenny Bit/The Connaughtman's Rambles/The Humours of Donnybrook/Ould Ireland/Jim Anderson's Delight/Jenny's Blue E'en/Alex Little MC
Over The Water To Charlie Over The Water To Charlie Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4
Ower the Water/Throopmuir Croft/Anda Campbell's Frolic/Alex Little MC
Queensferry Crossing, The The Queensferry Crossing Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band J32 4 3/3 Up in the Morning Early/Dalrymple Jig/Alex Little MC
Saint Andrew's Fair Saint Andrew's Fair David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 8/8
Jockey's Dance/Maggie Brown's Jig/Christine Macaskill/Little Pickle/The Dougal Craiter/Gowan Hill/Madge Bayne/Alex Little MC