Tune Little Pickle 2473

Composed by
Joseph Lowe
Published in

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Collichur Collichur Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/4
Lochleven Side/The Dougal Craiter/Miss Rutherford's Jig/Little Pickle
Joie de Vivre Joie de Vivre Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4 Anderson's Jig/Little Pickle/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Isaac Forsyth-Elgin
Lamb Skinnet Lamb Skinnet Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith J32 8 3/4
Lamb Skinnet/The Shepherd's Wife/Little Pickle/Ian MacKintosh of Pine House
Lassies of Dunse, The The Lassies of Dunse Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 2/4
The Lassies of Dunse/Little Pickle/Thinking it Over/Robin Brock's Farewell to his Gall Bladder
Major Ian Stewart Major Ian Stewart Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
The Scottish Horse/Anda Campbell's Favourite/Little Pickle/The Cobbler
Medley-Jigs Medley-Jigs Elma Grech J32 4 1/4 Little Pickle/The Bugle Horn/Mary Gavin/My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing
Saint Andrew's Fair Saint Andrew's Fair David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 4/8
Jockey's Dance/Maggie Brown's Jig/Christine Macaskill/Little Pickle/The Dougal Craiter/Gowan Hill/Madge Bayne/Alex Little MC
Strip the Willow Strip the Willow Jim MacLeod and his Band J32 6 3/3 Rory O'More/The Lynmore Jig/Little Pickle
Terrace Logger's Jig Terrace Logger's Jig Vancouver Fiddle Orchestra J32 4 1/3 Little Pickle/Miss Sharpe's Fancy/Done At Last!
Twizell Bridge Twizell Bridge Olympians Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4 Mrs Methven/The Dougal Craiter/Little Pickle/Coronation March
Wild Geese, The The Wild Geese The Thistle Band J32 8 6/7 Mrs MacPherson of Cluny/Charlie Hunter/Blue Bonnets/Mary Gavin/Cawdor Castle/Little Pickle/The Family Pride
Thread The Loom Thread The Loom J324/4L W Ernst Eder
Collie Law Collie Law J322/4L Roy Goldring
Dr. Sally Hayes Dr. Sally Hayes J323/4L George Swirles
Little Pickle Little Pickle J323/4L John W Mitchell
Terrace Loggers' Jig Terrace Loggers' Jig J324/4L Kirsten Earl