Tune Miss Doreen Lambert 2587

Composed by
Angus Fitchet
Published in

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Armstrong's Rant, The The Armstrong's Rant Bobby Brown, Alasdair Fraser and others S32 8 3/5
Allan Gibb/George C. Armstrong/Miss Doreen Lambert/Mrs Grace Armstrong Baker/Miss Jean Armstrong Milligan
Balmoral Strathspey Balmoral Strathspey The Thistle Band S32 4 3/3 Balmoral/Ruthven House/Miss Doreen Lambert
Balmoral Strathspey Balmoral Strathspey Roy Hendrie & his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 4/4 Golden Harvest/John Stephen of Chance Inn/The Bobby Harvey Strathspey/Miss Doreen Lambert
Bonnie Stronshiray Bonnie Stronshiray Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 2/8 Sweetheart Abbey/Miss Doreen Lambert/Mrs B. Jolly/Pat Cushnie's Strathspey/Jimmy Blue/Mrs Margaret Holmes/Mrs Agnes Watt/Mrs Ian Powrie
Fair Donald Fair Donald The Music Makars S32 8 4/4
Lady Dick Lauder's Strathspey/Marchioness of Huntly/Earl Grey/Miss Doreen Lambert
John McAlpin John McAlpin Ian Holmes and his Scottish Dance Band with Ian Powrie S32 8 7/7
John McAlpine/The Firth of Forth/Mrs Margaret Holmes/Tom Elliot's Strathspey/Mrs Jimmy Shand/Anderson's Strathspey/Miss Doreen Lambert
Lost in the Mist Lost in the Mist Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 4/4
Delavaird Brig/Allan Gibb/John Robertson/Miss Doreen Lambert
Medley-Strathspeys Medley-Strathspeys Elma Grech S32 8 4/4 Mackenzie Hay/Manchester Caledonians/The Kirrie Kebbuck/Miss Doreen Lambert
Scottish Ramble Scottish Ramble Ed Brydie and his Band S32 4 3/3 Scottish Ramble/Stirling Castle/Miss Doreen Lambert
Selection of Strathspeys Selection of Strathspeys Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent S32 3 3/3
Earl Grey/Blin' Jamie/Miss Doreen Lambert
Silver Tassie, The The Silver Tassie Iain MacPhail and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 3/8
Lady Charlotte Campbell (strathspey)/Lady Lucy Ramsay/Miss Doreen Lambert/Auld Luckie/Stewart and Chris Adam/Sarona/John Peel/Glencoe
Up in the Air Up in the Air Jim MacLeod and his Band S32 8 3/3 Sir George Clark of Pennycuik/Stirling Caledonian/Miss Doreen Lambert
We Twa Encore We Twa Encore Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band S32 8 2/4
Mr & Mrs Keith Stacey/Miss Doreen Lambert/Strong Tea/John Robertson
Miss Doreen Lambert Miss Doreen Lambert S402RR John W Mitchell
Scarlet Ribbons Scarlet Ribbons S324/4L Iain Boyd
Whale Rock, The The Whale Rock S323/4L Lewis N Derrick