Tune Duncan Davidson 456

Composed by
Alexander McGlashan
Published in

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Braes of Breadalbane, The The Braes of Breadalbane Reel of Seven S32 8 4/4
The Braes of Breadalbane/Niel Gow's Second Wife/Auld Luckie/Duncan Davidson
Breakish Postie, The The Breakish Postie Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 2/4 The Breakish Postie/Duncan Davidson/Broomhill/The Drummer
Duchess of Atholl's Slipper, The The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band S32 4 3/3 The Duchess of Atholl's Slipper/Mrs Ramsay/Duncan Davidson
Duke of Hamilton's Reel Duke of Hamilton's Reel Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band S32 4 4/4
The Duke of Hamilton's Reel/Mrs Gregory/Ayrshire Lasses/Duncan Davidson
Dunsinane Dunsinane Caber Feidh S32 3 2/3 The Sidlaw Hills/Duncan Davidson/Ballochmyle Brig
East of York East of York Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S40 5 4/5
John McAlpine/Rose among the Heather/The Thistle/Duncan Davidson/Miss Betsy Robertson
Glasgow Country Dance Glasgow Country Dance Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band M32 8 5/8
Miss Milligan/Clydeside Lassies/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/The Barmaid/Duncan Davidson/Pottinger's Reel/Lady Ann Hope/Bonnie Banchory
Highland Scottische Highland Scottische Jimmy Shand and his Band S8 3/3 The Lad Wi' the Plaidie/The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/Duncan Davidson
Lochiel's Awa' to France Lochiel's Awa' to France Neil Barron and his Scottish Dance Band S48 8 3/4
Lochiel's awa' to France/Miss Clementina Drummond/Duncan Davidson/Miss Betsy Robertson
Peggy's Love Peggy's Love John MacDonald S32 8 2/5 Little Peggy's Love/Duncan Davidson/Lady Mary Ramsay/Miss Drummond of Perth/Highland Whisky
Sands of Morar Sands of Morar Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 7/8
Pinkie House/Campsie Glen/Inverary/Lord Ramsay/Ayrshire Lasses/The Duke of Gordon/Duncan Davidson/Lord of the Isles
Scottish Ramble Scottish Ramble Max Houliston and his Scottish Band S16 4 2/3 Scottish Ramble/Duncan Davidson/Drumlanrig Castle
Selection of Strathspeys Selection of Strathspeys Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent S32 8 1/4
Duncan Davidson/Lady Baird's Strathspey/Lord Lyndoch/Stormont Lads
Ye'll Aye be Welcome Back Again Ye'll Aye be Welcome Back Again David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band S32 8 1/4
Duncan Davidson/Ceres Green/Stormont Lads/Mrs Stewart Nicholson
Tami Lane Tami Lane M322/4L Ralph Sizer
Duncan Davidson Duncan Davidson S324/4L John W Mitchell