Tune The Duchess of Buccleuch 435

Composed by
William Marshall
Published in

Pronounced »Buck-LOO«.

This tune is erroneously credited to Niel Gow in RSCDS book 26 and (probably taking it from there) »Originally Ours«. It does appear in one of William Marshall's tune collections. Unlike the Gows, William Marshall, a contemporary of Niel's, was not especially known for pinching other people's tunes and passing them off as his own. (One wonders why Niel Gow stooped to such chicanery as he was quite capable of coming up with reasonable tunes all on his own.)

The »Gow Collection« edited by Richard Carlin has a tune called »The Duchess of Buccleuch« which is different from this one and credited to Nathaniel Gow (not Niel).

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