Tune Miss Hannah of Elgin 5390

Also known as “Miss Hannah's Jig - Elgin”.

Composed by
William Marshall
Published in

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8 x 32 Jigs 8 x 32 Jigs David Knight, Liz Donaldson & Ralph Gordon J32 8 2/5 Miss Trotter of Castlelaw's Reel/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Pete & Lori's Wedding/Lady Louisa Russell's Jig/Hey to the Camp
Balcomie House Balcomie House Irvine Valley Scottish Dance Band J48 3 3/3 Balcomie House/Marchioness of Normanby/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Earl of Errol's Reel, The The Earl of Errol's Reel The Tillside Trio J200 3/3 Earl of Errol/Miss Johnston of Hilton/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Faculty of Actuaries - encore, The The Faculty of Actuaries - encore (as »Miss Hannah's Jig - Elgin«) David Cunningham J32 4 2/3
The Owl and the Hourglass/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Stewart of Bombay
Jig Jig Jimmy MacGovern Country Dance Orchestra J32 8 3/3 The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Dumfries House/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Jigs Jigs Muriel A Johnstone J32 6 1/3 Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Stewart of Bombay/Newcastle Bridge
Links with St Petersburg Links with St Petersburg (as »Miss Hannah's Jig - Elgin«) Kenny Thomson and the Wardlaw Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/3
The Craigellachie Lasses/Miss Gordon of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Machine Without Horses, The The Machine Without Horses Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith J32 8 3/4
The Machine without Horses/Miss Jenny Tawse/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Ully's Jig
Miss Hannah's Set Miss Hannah's Set (as »Miss Hannah's Jig - Elgin«) Petrov, Susie with The Gentlemen M288 1 1/7
Miss Hannah of Elgin/Lady Elizabeth Montague/A.G. Wilkins/Aberlour's Squeeze/Gin I Had A Bonnie Lass/The Ferryman/The Boatman of Pitnacree
Mr Morrison Mr Morrison Jennifer Wilson J32 8 8/8
Mr Morison of Bognie/Isla Neuk/Miss White's Jig/Lord Drighorn's Reel/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Mr Peter Duff's Favourite/Miss Graham of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin
Mrs Stewart's Jig Mrs Stewart's Jig The Muriel Johnstone Trio J32 8 3/4
Captain Charles Stewart's Jigg/Miss Nancy Dick's Favourite/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Marchmont House
Mrs Stewart's Jig Mrs Stewart's Jig Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 3/4
Captain Charles Stewart's Jigg/Miss Gordon of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Lizzie Duncan's Fancy
Nurseryman, The The Nurseryman Fiddlers Three Plus Two J32 8 3/4 Miss McPherson Grant's Jig, of Ballindalloch/Miss Stewart of Bombay/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Gordon of Park
Phaeton, The The Phaeton Bluebell SCD Trio J128 1 2/3 Lisa Krause/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel
Rodney's Rant Rodney's Rant Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 5/6
Miss Grace Hay's Reel/Hoddam Castle/Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel/Miss Gordon of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Sarah Louise Little
Scotland Scotland Rob Gordon and his Band J32 8 3/4 The Scotch Hero's Reel/Miss Maria Stewart's Jig/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Ron Kerr's Jig
Sunnyside, The The Sunnyside Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band J32 8 1/8 Miss Hannah of Elgin/Provost Tonge of Monifieth/The Sea Trout/Audrey Cant of Craigton/Davie's Brae/Rock Valley Jig/The Jimmy Harris Jig/Bill Black's Button Box
Wee Nothin', A A Wee Nothin' Hanneke Cassel & Dave Wiesler J32 8 1/3
Miss Hannah of Elgin/Lord Alexander Russell's Jig/The Marchioness of Huntly's Favourite Jig
Wee Nothin' / More than Nothin', A A Wee Nothin' / More than Nothin' Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone J32 8 1/4
Miss Hannah of Elgin/Becky's Birthday Jig/A Wee Somethin'/The Earl of Morton's Jig
Happy Weasel, The The Happy Weasel J323/4L Livia Kohn
Wee Nothin', A A Wee Nothin' J322/4L Elaine Brunken
Sunnyside, The The Sunnyside J323/4L John Drewry