Tune The Inside Oot Fish Eater 5979

Composed by
Peter Wood

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Burnieboozle Burnieboozle Jim Lindsay and his Band R32 8 5/5
Burnieboozle/Tam's Rocking Fiddle/Laxo Burn/Stuart and Kenny Thomson/The Inside Oot Fish Eater
City of Stirling Reel City of Stirling Reel The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4 The Nether Bailey/Brenda Stubbert's Reel/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/The Walrus
Craven Twelvesome, The The Craven Twelvesome Nicol McLaren & The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band R32 4 3/3
The Moving Cloud/The Walrus/The Inside Oot Fish Eater
Ian Powrie's Hornpipe Ian Powrie's Hornpipe Alastair Hunter & the Lorne Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/7
Da Tushker/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Lempit Cuddie/Jim Muir's Reel/Rae's Reel/South Lea/Captain Peterson of Melby
Menzies' Rant, The The Menzies' Rant David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band R32 8 3/4
The Menzies' Rant/Jim Moore's Fancy/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/The Easy Club Reel
Not I Not I Jennifer Wilson R32 8 4/8
The Mill Burn/Jack Delaney/Reel for Shanus/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Itchy Fingers/Hutchie's Bash/Frank and Maureen Robb/Reel for Eilidh Shaw
Robin's Easy Circle Robin's Easy Circle Gordon Shand and his Scottish Dance Band R32 4 2/4 Roxburgh Castle/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Kate's Coming of Age/Bobby Brown's Alloa Ale
Starlight Starlight Luke Brady's Scottish Dance Band R32 8 2/4 Mrs Agnes Ritchie/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Clancy's Salsa/Red Wine Reel
Swiss Lassie Swiss Lassie Reel of Seven R32 8 3/4
Brumley Brae/Celtic Thunder/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/The Road to Errogie
Tak Tent Tak Tent Sandy Nixon and his Scottish Dance Band R32 5 3/4
The Calgary Fiddlers' Welcome to Shetland/The Auld Fiddler/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Tam Lin
Water of Dryfe, The The Water of Dryfe Colin Dewar and his Scottish Dance Band R32 5 4/5
Mrs Margaret Byrne/The Forth Railway Bridge Centenary Reel/Neil's Maracas/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Mrs Margaret Mitchell
Gairloch Hornpipe, The The Gairloch Hornpipe R485/5L Ian Brockbank
Inside Oot Fish Eater, The The Inside Oot Fish Eater R325/5L Caroline Bradshaw / Ian Brockbank
Salt and Sauce Salt and Sauce R324/4L Ian Brockbank