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Anselm Lingnau

MiniCribs in the database are now up to version 25.12 (we skipped 25.11 because I didn't get around to uploading it). The number of unmatched cribs is now 165 out of 4794, which isn't bad, but could be reduced further if we managed to add a handful of strategic publications. We're looking into it.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 30 November 2015 10:01

Anselm Lingnau

In the dance database, video comments are now displayed in the video modal. This closes a long-standing issue which made video comments virtually useless. (There is still no convenient way of editing video comments after the fact except through the Django admin interface, but that's a project for another day.)

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 14 September 2015 12:01

Anselm Lingnau

I just updated the HTTPS certificates for the Strathspey sites, so everything should be back to normal now after they expired a few days ago. Sorry for any inconvenience.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 9 September 2015 10:34

Anselm Lingnau

I didn't mention it before but since yesterday we're officially at MiniCribs 25.06. Thanks to Keith Rose for pointing out an error in the importer routine.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 14 August 2015 23:59

Anselm Lingnau

MiniCribs in the Strathspey SCD Database are now up to version 25.05!

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 15 June 2015 13:41

Anselm Lingnau

“Activity flags” for Person records in the database (i.e., whether somebody is a dance author, publisher, tune composer, or recording musician) are now set automatically according to the content of the database (i.e., a person counts as a dance author if and only if there are dances in the database that are credited to them). This is intended to avoid problems where editors add people to the database without checking the appropriate boxes, which means that the corresponding tabs on the person's detail page will not be active.

This is more subtle than it seems because we need to take into account that someone can be a dance author by virtue of being part of a group of people (with a separate database entry) who co-devised a dance (and so on for the other entry types).

The activity flags for all Person entries in the database are updated once a day (night, really). For the time being, activity flags can still be set manually on a person's entry in the administration UI, but will be overwritten on the next update.

As a fringe benefit, it is now possible to edit group membership information in the administration UI. This functionality has been long overdue and is now finally available.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 14 March 2015 19:32 (last edited on 14 March 2015 19:34)

Anselm Lingnau

MiniCribs in the Strathspey SCD DB are now up to version 25.03.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 3 March 2015 9:49

Anselm Lingnau

The database now has the current version of MiniCribs. There were some minor problems with the update process that needed to be sorted out, most of which had to do with the Django 1.7 update, and that resulted in a fairly long delay. But I hope that future updates will proceed a lot faster!

The automated import process manages to connect approximately 97% of the 4500+ cribs to the corresponding dances in the database. The vast majority of the remaining cribs belongs to dances that we don't yet have in the database; we're working on getting these added, and at that point they will hopefully also be imported correctly.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 13 February 2015 14:37 (last edited on 13 February 2015 14:38)

Anselm Lingnau

Just secured the domain name “scd.club”. This means that I'm now in a position to offer free domain registrations of the form “XYZ.scd.club” if anyone is interested.

I'm probably going to add “frankfurt.scd.club” as an alias of “www.frankfurt-scd-club.org” just for kicks.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 4 February 2015 12:10

Anselm Lingnau

Videos for dance lists are back! In the Strathspey SCD Database, You can now select the “Videos” tab on a dance list detail page and see videos for all the dances that have them.

Generally, the video shown for a dance is the one with the highest quality level. If there are several videos at the highest quality level for that dance (e.g., several “Good” ones when no “Demonstration quality” video exists) then one of those is chosen at random.

Eventually we want to introduce an “Editor's Pick” badge where we explicitly designate one of the available videos as the preferred one to be used in contexts like the dance list “Videos” tab.

· Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 1 February 2015 15:50

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