Album Excited States 1092

Short name
Recorded by
StringFire! (2016)
  • CD: SFCD 02 (2016)
1 On the Wings of a Skorie StringFire! R32 84:43 35.4
On the Wings of a Skorie/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jennie Hardie's Reel/Lochiel's awa' to France
2 A Couple of Keepers StringFire! S32 33:25 68.3
Ice Storm/Miss Gordon of Gight
3 The Jig is Up StringFire! J32 84:50 36.2
The Jig is Up/Changing Lights/Miss Sophia Campbell of Saddell's Reel/The Stool of Repentance
4 Ice on the Lake StringFire! W3:54 0
Ice on the Lake
5 Excited States StringFire! R32 84:46 35.8
Unnamed Stallion/Johnny Groat's House/Sleep Soond I'da Moarnin'/Miss Susan Cooper
6 Linnea's Strathspey StringFire! S32 88:32 64.0
Earl Grey/The Miller o' Hirn/The Miller of Drone/The Brig o' Potarch
7 Those Eyes StringFire! J32 84:48 36.0
Gazing into Her Bold Eyes/Eyes on the Prize/Curve in the Dark/Miss McPherson Grant's Jig, of Ballindalloch
8 Sweet Garden StringFire! W3:51 0
Sweet Garden
9 City of Belfast StringFire! S32 66:35 65.8
The City of Belfast/Roslin Castle/The Singing Bird/The Mill Mill O'/Beaucatcher Farewell
10 On the Boardwalk StringFire! R32 84:45 35.6
Beachcomber Reel/The Engine Room/The Left Handed Fiddler/Stolen Time
11 Chased Lovers StringFire! J32 84:50 36.2
Miss Grant's Reel/Four Potatoes/Indian Point/The Blue Jig
12 Dancin' in the Rain StringFire! S32 44:27 66.8
Oakland Rainstorm/Rothiemurchus Rant/Lewis J. MacLeod
13 Kristi's Conundrum StringFire! J32 84:48 36.0
Theoretical Chemistry/Cleveland Park/Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel/Sphere of Ink
14 The Long & The Short of It StringFire! M256 16:43 50.4
The Long Road Home/The Beauty of the North/Marjorie & Richard's Wedding/Hiking to High Point/Gordon's Favourite/Paddy on the Turnpike/Mickie Ainsworth