Person StringFire! 11376

Oakland, CA, US
Areas of activity
  • Musician (or band)
Chased Lovers Chased Lovers J32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Miss Grant's Reel/Four Potatoes/Indian Point/The Blue Jig
City of Belfast City of Belfast S32 6 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] The City of Belfast/Roslin Castle/The Singing Bird/The Mill Mill O'/Beaucatcher Farewell
Couple of Keepers, A A Couple of Keepers S32 3 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Ice Storm/Miss Gordon of Gight
Dancin' in the Rain Dancin' in the Rain S32 4 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Oakland Rainstorm/Rothiemurchus Rant/Lewis J. MacLeod
Evit Gabriel Evit Gabriel ? StringFire! Landslide? Evite Gabriel/Cherry Tree/Tam Lin
Excited States Excited States R32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Unnamed Stallion/Johnny Groat's House/Sleep Soond I'da Moarnin'/Miss Susan Cooper
Far Away Far Away ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Far Away/Remembrance
Footprint in Time Footprint in Time ? StringFire! Landslide?
Grandpa's Mint Chip Grandpa's Mint Chip ? StringFire! Landslide?
Grandpa's Shrine Grandpa's Shrine ? StringFire! Landslide? Grandpa's Shrine/Music for a Found Harmonium/Kitchen Girl
Grand Teton Grand Teton ? StringFire! Landslide? Grand Teton/Mickie Ainsworth/Tommy's Tarbukas
Hiking to High Point Hiking to High Point ? StringFire! Landslide? Hiking to High Point/Toy Train Wreck/Metaphysical Circus
Hughie Shortys Reel Hughie Shortys Reel ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Hughie Shortie's Reel/The Spinning Tree/Dancing Bear
Ice on the Lake Ice on the Lake W StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Ice on the Lake
Ice Palace Ice Palace ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Ice Palace/He Gives You Wings/Madame Neruda
Jig is Up, The The Jig is Up J32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] The Jig is Up/Changing Lights/Miss Sophia Campbell of Saddell's Reel/The Stool of Repentance
Julia Delaney Julia Delaney ? StringFire! Landslide? Julia Delaney/Dick Gossip
Kitty in the High Grass Kitty in the High Grass ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Kitty in the High Grass/Beachcomber Reel/Brumley Brae
Kristi's Conundrum Kristi's Conundrum J32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Theoretical Chemistry/Cleveland Park/Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel/Sphere of Ink
Lady Elizabeth Cole Lady Elizabeth Cole ? StringFire! Landslide? Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel/Sphere of Ink/Indian Point
Linnea's Strathspey Linnea's Strathspey S32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Earl Grey/The Miller o' Hirn/The Miller of Drone/The Brig o' Potarch
Long & The Short of It, The The Long & The Short of It M256 1 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] The Long Road Home/The Beauty of the North/Marjorie & Richard's Wedding/Hiking to High Point/Gordon's Favourite/Paddy on the Turnpike/Mickie Ainsworth
Magician's Hornpipe Magician's Hornpipe ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Magician's Hornpipe/Blackberry Blossom/Ginger Sling
Maison De Glace, La La Maison De Glace ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD La Maison De Glace/Driving Across Nebraska/The Lightning Bug
Oddville Cupola Oddville Cupola ? StringFire! Landslide? Oddville Cupola/Flying Home to Shelley
On the Boardwalk On the Boardwalk R32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Beachcomber Reel/The Engine Room/The Left Handed Fiddler/Stolen Time
On the Wings of a Skorie On the Wings of a Skorie R32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] On the Wings of a Skorie/Jenny Dang the Weaver/Jennie Hardie's Reel/Lochiel's awa' to France
Over the Lake Over the Lake ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD
Reel De Gasp Reel De Gasp ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Reel De Gasp/Bus Stop Reel/It's too hot
Reel De Montreal Reel De Montreal ? StringFire! Landslide? Reel De Montreal/Landslide/The Indescribable Blue
Return to the Stewartry Return to the Stewartry ? StringFire! Landslide? Return to the Stewartry/Packing up George/Pass the Peper
Round the Horn Round the Horn ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Round the Horn/The Burning of the Piper's Hut/Evil Diane
Solstice Wedding Solstice Wedding ? StringFire! Landslide?
Sweet Garden Sweet Garden W StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Sweet Garden
Those Eyes Those Eyes J32 8 StringFire! Excited StatesCD [S] Gazing into Her Bold Eyes/Eyes on the Prize/Curve in the Dark/Miss McPherson Grant's Jig, of Ballindalloch
Trout Transmigration Trout Transmigration ? StringFire! Landslide? Trout Transmigration/The Blue Jig
Vladi On the Trans Siberian Vladi On the Trans Siberian ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Vladi On the Trans Siberian/Sniff the Biscuit/Spindrifter
Whiskey Before Breakfast Whiskey Before Breakfast ? StringFire! Spindriftin'CD Whiskey Before Breakfast/Beth Cohens/The Chronosynclastic Infundibula
Excited States Excited States StringFire! CD 2016
Landslide Landslide StringFire! ? 2019
Spindriftin' Spindriftin' StringFire! CD 2017