Album The Second Sheaf Collection 931

Short name
Sheaf Coll 2
Recorded by
Ceol na h-Alba (2005)
  • CD: CNACD001 (2005)
1 Bannercross Ceol na h-Alba M64 46:57 52.1
Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Hunters Hill/Finnan Haddies/Loch Torridon/The Iron Man/Chinese Breakdown/Sir George Clark of Pennycuik/Drumleys
2 A Dance for Dulcie Ceol na h-Alba S32 22:19 69.5
Miss Douglas/Auld Luckie
3 Darwin Lane Ceol na h-Alba R32 42:33 38.2
Conor's Ceilidh/The Shetland Fiddler/Highland Lassie/Mrs Mary Printy
4 The Don Valley Reel Ceol na h-Alba R32 85:06 38.2
The Sheffield Hornpipe/The Scott Erin Reel/The Harbour/The Bore Stone
5 Double Eighty Ceol na h-Alba S32 44:24 66.0
Double Eighty/Memories of Father Angus MacDonnell/The Braes of Dunvegan/Sweetness of Mary
6 Inversnaid Reel Ceol na h-Alba R32 85:02 37.8
The Lord and the Duke/Mickie Ainsworth/Da Tushker/Miss Susan Cooper
7 The Island Strathspey Ceol na h-Alba S32 88:28 63.5
Bernard and Barbara Harris/Bonnie Bessie Lee/Sanny Speirs/William McDonald Black/Partans in his Creel/Rose among the Heather/Miss Ross/Doon the Burn, Davie Lad
8 John Barleycorn Ceol na h-Alba J32 84:49 36.1
The Young Fiddler/Miss Mary Douglas/Drummond Castle/Jeannie's Blue E'en/John Barleycorn/He's o'er the hills that I lo'e dear/Duncan's Tale/Cardiff Caledonians
9 Logan Braes Ceol na h-Alba S32 88:25 63.1
Sparrow in the Sycamore/Stewart & Kathleen Walker/Mrs Rae Wallace/Beeswing Village/Leila Powrie's Strathspey/The Dean Strathspey/Anda's Front Door Toilet/Keith Lowden
10 Lullaby for a Baby Ceol na h-Alba M192 15:06 51.0
The Cradle Song/The Road to Ullapool/Take the High Road/The Bugle Horn/The Little Burnt Potato/Tam's Hunting Horn
11 Mix 'n' Match Ceol na h-Alba S32 44:22 65.5
Hedgepig/Margaret's Fancy/Hamish Henderson's Refusal/John Stephen of Chance Inn
12 The Ringinglow Jig Ceol na h-Alba J32 42:34 38.5
The Geordie Snorter/Burries Brae/Joe Foster's Jig/The Dufftown Rally
13 The Sheaf Strathspey Ceol na h-Alba S32 44:21 65.2
Mary Hamilton of Auchincruive/Farewell to Whisky, O/Down by the Sally Gardens/John Roy Lyall
14 The Sheffield Secretary Ceol na h-Alba S32 33:12 64.0
Miss Anna James/Sarona/Miss Graham of Inchbrakie
15 Strathaird Ceol na h-Alba S32 44:16 64.0
D.P.B./John Anderson, my Jo/Mrs Hamilton of Pencaitland/I'm Doun for Lack o' Johnnie
16 Wheel Done Ceol na h-Alba J32 84:42 35.2
The Guernsey Scottish Association/Balcomie House/Miss Stewart of Bombay/Mary Gavin