Album Thank You For Coming 933

Short name
Thank You
Recorded by
Ceol na h-Alba (2006)
  • CD: CNACD002 (2006)
1 Mrs Stuart Linnell Ceol na h-Alba R40 85:41 34.1 Johnnie in Nether Mains/The Lass o' Gowrie/The Sheffield Dancers/There was a Lad (was born in Kyle)
2 Hotel Elsbury Ceol na h-Alba J32 84:19 32.4 The Dingle/Jim Anderson's Delight/Ould Ireland/Alex Little MC
3 The Weakest Link Ceol na h-Alba S32 44:17 64.2 Still on Probation/The Birks of Invermay/Finnan Haddies/Pinkie House
4 Monday Night Reel Ceol na h-Alba R32 63:37 36.2 Miss Jean Milligan/Market Chorus/Miss Kay Rose
5 Haddington Assembly Ceol na h-Alba J32 84:23 32.9 Haddington Assembly/Tea with Sylvia/Dulcie's Party/Ian Powrie's March O'er the Midden
6 Dream Catcher Ceol na h-Alba S96 13:10 63.3 Rosie/Sir Henry Daniel of Gooch
7 Dream Catcher Ceol na h-Alba S96 13:10 63.3 Rosie/The Road to Ullapool/Miss E. Purcell
8 Catch the Wind Ceol na h-Alba R32 84:32 34.0 The Harbour/Bonnie Banchory/Catchin' Rabbits/Millbrae
9 Iona Cross Ceol na h-Alba M192 14:53 48.8 Auld Luckie/Misses Farrell of Alloa/Mrs B. Jolly/Willie Anderson of Dalharn/Lay Dee at Dee/Itchy Fingers
10 Big Mac Ceol na h-Alba S32 55:06 61.2 Lochnagar/The Keel Row/The Inchgarth Strathspey/Margaret's Fancy/Barbara's Fancy
11 Father Connelly's Jig Ceol na h-Alba J64 44:22 32.8 Father Connelly's Jig/Jim Lindsay's Jig/Davie's Brae/Jim Connor's Jig
12 Conor's Ceilidh Ceol na h-Alba R32 42:21 35.2 Cookie Shine/Victoria Hornpipe/Alasdair of the Dun/Mrs Mary Printy
13 Scottish Lilt Ceol na h-Alba J8 61:33 62.0 Battle of the Somme