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Dance The Haymakers 2820

Jig · 48 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

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4004 4004 4004 4004 4004 8888 = 37% (1 turn), 37% (whole dance)
  • Running
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According to the RSCDS book, this is a “variation on Sir Roger de Coverley, one of the oldest country …

According to the RSCDS book, this is a “variation on Sir Roger de Coverley, one of the oldest country dances, described in many 18th and 19th century publications.”

The Haymakers

This popular 18th century dance is the Scottish version of the English “Sir Roger de Coverley” and the American “Virginia Reel”. The old Scottish tune, however, is “The Maltman” and it appears in James Johnson’s The Scots Musical Museum, Volume 5, with words by Allan Ramsay.

The maltman comes on Munanday,
   He craves wonderous fair,
Cries, dame, come gi’e me my siller,
   Or malt ye’ll ne’er get mair.
I took him into the pantry,
   And gave hime some good cock-broo,
Syne paid him upon a gantree
   As hostler wives should do.

When maltmen come for siller,
   And gaugers wi’ wands o’er soon,
Wives, tak them a’ down to the cellar,
   And clear them as I have done.
This bewith, when cunzie is scanty,
   Will keep them frae making din.
The knack I learn’d frae an auld aunty,
   The snackest of a’ my kin.

The maltman is right cunning,
   But I can be as flee,
And he may crack of his winning,
   When he clears scores with me.
For come when he likes, I’m ready,
   But if frae hame I be,
Let him wait on our kind lady,
   She’ll answer a bill for me.

Stenhouse adds: “It possesses uncommon humour, but a sort of double meaning runs through the verses, and renders them somewhat liable to objection. The lively ld air to which the words are adapted appears in Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion.”

There is a country dance, “The Maltman”, which appears in the Drummond Castle manuscript of 1734.

The Haymakers 4/4L · J48

Running step is used throughout

1W+4M dance towards the centre, turn RH and return to places ; 1M+4W repeat
Repeat, using left hand turns
Repeat, using BH turns ;
1W+4M dance BtoB ; 1M+4W repeat
1W+4M advance {1}, curtsey/bow {1}, and retire to places {2} ; 1M+4W repeat
1c followed by the other C cast off to 4pl, 1c forms arch ; 2c+3c+4c dance up under the arch (2,3,4,1)
The Haymakers 4/4L · J48
1L+4M turn RH & back to place, 1M+4L turn RH & back to place
Repeat with LH turns
Repeat with 2 hand turns
Repeat with DoSiDo
Repeat with a bow & courtesy
1s cast to bottom on own sides followed by 2s+3s+4s, form an arch & 2s+3s+4s dance under to new places

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RSCDS demo; once through only

Added on: 2013-10-03 (Martina Mueller-Franz)
Quality: Demonstration quality

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Naramata Scottish Country Dancers, 2024.

Added on: 2024-02-05 (Murrough Landon)
Quality: Informal/Social (RSCDS)

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