Album A Dancing Master Remembered 485

Short name
Dancing Master
Recorded by
Jennifer Wilson (2005)
  • CD: JWPCD01 (2005)
1 The Dancing Master Jennifer Wilson J961:52 37.3
The Dancingmaster/A Visit to Ireland
2 Not I Jennifer Wilson R32 84:42 35.2
The Mill Burn/Jack Delaney/Reel for Shanus/The Inside Oot Fish Eater/Itchy Fingers/Hutchie's Bash/Frank and Maureen Robb/Reel for Eilidh Shaw
3 The Moray Rant Jennifer Wilson S48 34:51 64.7
Tae Gar Ye Loup/Delavaird Brig/Davey Masson
4 Jennifer's Jig Jennifer Wilson J32 84:44 35.5
Jennifer's Jig/The Stolen Purse/Brothers Three/Pittencrieff Park/Loch Achray/Cantie's Brig/Mol-a-Deas/Duncan MacDonald's Fiddle
5 The Sailor Jennifer Wilson R32 84:44 35.5
The Davy Hornpipe/Morpeth Rant/Greig Hornpipe/Harry Picken's Hornpipe/Pall Mall/The Don Hornpipe/Cooper's Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe
6 Balquidder Strathspey Jennifer Wilson S32 88:22 62.8
Mr Oswald (of Auchencruive)/Kinrara/Miss Irene Whyte's Strathspey/Fiddler's Benefit/Issy's Strathspey/Pantoch Way/Katrina/Kirk House
7 A Set of Birlin' Reels Jennifer Wilson R32 42:25 36.2
Jessie Stuart's Welcome in Dufftown/The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to Shetland/The Wee Bus/Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel
8 Two and Two Jennifer Wilson J32 84:44 35.5
Miss Jeanie S. Grant's Favourite/Jenny Younger/Joan's Jig/The Joiner's Jig/Agnes Laing's Fancy/Jack's Jig/Derrick's Jig/Margaret & Jim Dewar
9 The Braes of Breadalbane Jennifer Wilson S32 88:23 62.9
The Braes of Breadalbane/The Glenlivet/William McDonald Black/Davie Taylor/The Miller o' Dervil/Tulchan Lodge/Dr McHardy/Mr Martin
10 Haste to the Wedding Jennifer Wilson J32 84:42 35.2
The Gadie Water/Ian Powrie's Compliments to John Carmichael/Elizabeth Miller's Jig/Leslie Dunn/The Piglet/Boys of the Freugh/Jean McDonald MacLeod/Georgina Porter's Jig
11 The College Hornpipe Jennifer Wilson R32 84:43 35.4
Jolly Tars/The Anchor Hornpipe/Jan's Hornpipe/Alberta Experience/Debbie Anne's Reel/The Commodore/The Glasgow Hare/Clancy's Salsa
12 Mr Morrison Jennifer Wilson J32 84:44 35.5
Mr Morison of Bognie/Isla Neuk/Miss White's Jig/Lord Drighorn's Reel/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Mr Peter Duff's Favourite/Miss Graham of Park/Miss Hannah of Elgin
13 Alltshellach Jennifer Wilson S32 88:19 62.4
Alltshellach/Iain Fraser of West Park/Mrs Agnes Crowe of Balmullo/Elizabeth Maxwell's Strathspey/Jimmy Blue of Forgandenny/Mrs MacLean of Drummondsfold/Ian Powrie's Compliments to Angus Fitchet/Angus Fitchet's Compliments to Ian Powrie
14 The Mairrit Man's Favourite Jennifer Wilson R32 84:44 35.5
The Apple Tree/Donald Stewart (The Piper)/Walter's Reel/The Doon Hingin' Tie/Father Kelly's Reel/Farquhar Mathieson/Da Four Winds/The Islay Ranters' Reel
15 Bill's Tadpoles Jennifer Wilson R32 42:25 36.2
Ray Milbourne/Miss C. M. Barbour/Randall's Reel