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Jeremy Dent on St Vincents Close (dance)

Involves the whole set and is fast and not too complex. Nice symmetry, too.

Robert Finan on Barr's Wedding Birl (dance)
Peter Price on Anderson's Rant (dance)

I taught the dance to a set of six advanced dancers with two very raw beginners. They liked it. If you are a technique hound then this dance probably won’t be to your taste, it is pleasant but not spectacular. It is a social, not a show, vehicle.

At first viewing there is little to recommend it - when it is danced well it is very pretty. It is all about timing and finishing the formations almost late. That is when it shines.

Edwin Werner on The Lady of Wallroth (dance)

This seems to be a good dance!

Eric Ferguson on Auld Brig o'er the Firth (dance)

It is a poor idea to change a published dance. That leads to confusion in classes and at dance events when some have heard of the change and others not. If a dance needs a change, republish with a new name.

The transition 16-17 is awkward. 1c faces out the ends, and then has to give Rsh to 1cnr. Eric

Jeremy Dent on Miss Eleanor (dance)

The three couple Bourrel is fun and the tune keeps the dance momentum going.

Jeremy Dent on Kilkenny Castle (dance)

Nice Strathspey with a few novel variations. Good involvement of all three couples.

Jacmel Dent on The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh (dance)

This version is incorrectly danced. 1) After the advance and retire, then two hands round with your partner, the 1st couple should cast off and touch hands between the 2s in the centre of the dance, then cast up from below the 3s, meet in the centre after casting in between the 2s, and cast off at the top of the dance to 2nd place. 2) The 1st couple should turn 1st corner and then PARTNER and not go straight to 2nd corner. For these reasons, I don’t consider this is a “good” version, at best it’s “Social/Informal” and it is misleading.

Zsofia Jozsef on Langholm Fair (dance)

This was a lovely dance, not too complicated but giving lots of chances for practicing Technics and also have some lovely flirt! :-)

Denise Smith on Anne and Five Partners (dance)

The groups in both these videos have danced the dance incorrectly. At the end of the 1st 8 bars, the dancing people face their 2nd corners for turn c,p,c,p. At the end of that formation, they face their 4th corners for the 1st reel of 4. They then face their 3rd corners for the 2nd reel of 4, and finish facing their 2nd corners for hello goodbye, set to partner, TRH to face 1st corner. They then dance hello goodbye, set to partner, cross RH and cast up or down.

Jeremy Dent on "Deer" Friends (dance)

We’ve named the setting and crossing the “slither” and it’s an elegant movement merging into diagonal reels of four. It’s a feelgood Strathspey.

Jeremy Dent on Falls of Bracklinn (dance)

The whole set is involved most of the dance and the four half reels – with little quarter turns – are enough to keep the mind engaged!