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Zsofia Jozsef on Langholm Fair (dance)

This was a lovely dance, not too complicated but giving lots of chances for practicing Technics and also have some lovely flirt! :-)

Denise Smith on Anne and Five Partners (dance)

The groups in both these videos have danced the dance incorrectly. At the end of the 1st 8 bars, the dancing people face their 2nd corners for turn c,p,c,p. At the end of that formation, they face their 4th corners for the 1st reel of 4. They then face their 3rd corners for the 2nd reel of 4, and finish facing their 2nd corners for hello goodbye, set to partner, TRH to face 1st corner. They then dance hello goodbye, set to partner, cross RH and cast up or down.

Jeremy Dent on "Deer" Friends (dance)

We’ve named the setting and crossing the “slither” and it’s an elegant movement merging into diagonal reels of four. It’s a feelgood Strathspey.

Jeremy Dent on Falls of Bracklinn (dance)

The whole set is involved most of the dance and the four half reels – with little quarter turns – are enough to keep the mind engaged!

Jeremy Dent on The First Rain of Spring (dance)

Only three couples so plenty of action and the Celtic Reels are great fun. Nice rattling tune and good pace.

Jeremy Dent on Napier's Index (dance)

Music and change of pace, dancer interaction and the set’s involvement make this a favourite.

Jeremy Dent on J. B. Milne (dance)

Jaunty tune, involvement for all three couples and a cracking pace. What is there not to like?

Jeremy Dent on Ramadan-ce (dance)

Great fun to dance with all six dancers involved and the exotic tune fitting and driving the twirls well. Nice momentum and a plethora of activity.

Jeremy Dent on Best Set in the Hall (dance)

…of lilting tune, the Set To and Cast movement and the final chase and turn. Top dance!

Jeremy Dent on Gang the Same Gate (dance)

A wonderful tune drives the dance and the Set and Link movement is one of my favourites. Good involvement level for all three dancing couples and good symmetry.

Jacmel Dent on St Andrew's Fair (dance)

In his leaflet on the dance St Andrew’s Fair, which he devised, Roy Goldring instructs the 2nd couple to step up on bars 3 and 4. The 3rd couple should stay where they are and NOT step up (and then down again). The dance labelled “Good” should mention this mistake.

Eric Ferguson on Cabbages And Kings (dance)

Dear Joan,

Thanks; my crib has now been corrected. Please be precise in naming cribs, Eric’s cribs are NOT Minicribs; that is a different and bigger crib collection now maintained by David Haynes and his team.

But next time please respect the remark at the top of this form. “Reviews” are NOT meant to point out errors; for that use the “Submit Comment” button below each crib. Those messages go straight to the crib authors. Eric Ferguson, Zeist, Netherlands.